Wal-Mart begins Kinect for Xbox 360 pre-order sales

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. this week began holding pre-order sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360 at its online division.

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Bigpappy2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

A month after E3, with no announced price, and Kinect is still charting well on Amazon and GameStop. Something is exciting people about kinect. A few core gamers might be buying it. Based on the lack of the same enthusiasm for the Move, shown by the pre-order numbers I am seeing, I have to conclude that The casuals (Kid, Moms, Girls and the fitness crowd), are already learning about Kinect and choosing it over the Move. I could only see this becoming more of a problem for Sony as M$ start to have live demo's as they are doing next week with Macy's clothing store in the US. If Wal-Mart demo this thing in their stores, it will create a mob scene and garranty that you would not be abloe to walk into a store and buy a Kinect for months after release. I don't know how many M$ will have at launch, but they will not be enough.

BldyShdw2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

or Pre-Recorded videos with actors pretending?

Also, You seem to love the "Pre-order numbers" but what if Microsoft comes out and says its $200? Then I doubt those "Pre-order numbers" mean anything.

And if your all about sales and the casuals then I can only assume your main console of choice is the Wii right? Or do you only care about the casuals when Microsoft tries to please them?

I'm a gamer, I don't play casual games on the Wii, 360, or PS3. (yes I own all 3) Fortunately for most of us you can get GOOD non-casual games AKA Hardcore games on the Wii(few), 360, PS3, and MOVE. Unfortunately Kinect has shown NOTHING for anyone but casuals. And sure if you only care about sales then thats great but for the rest of us who want to play GAMES, its not very appealing.

Active Reload2904d ago

What does your comment have to do with people actually pre-ordering it and wanting it?

IdleLeeSiuLung2904d ago

Although I'm a hardcore gamer, I enjoy casual games from time to time with the family. What is wrong with casual games?

Sure I want some hardcore games with Kinect, but I'm kind of glad it isn't just tacked on as an afterthought. I'm more excited about the technology and it's possibilities so yes, I'm very much excited about Kinect.

But since you are such a heavy gamer, and only play GAMES, I'm sure casuals games aren't good enough for you!

Folezicle2904d ago

It's really the Justin Bieber tour advertisements:

Cold 20002904d ago

Wow I didnt know they had started promotion for Kinect already and more so with Bieber ?! Damn I dont see how it can flop especially if they promote Dance Central, the only Kinect game I find pretty cool.

Perjoss2904d ago

Its a dance game where you actually have to dance :) personally not my cup of tea, I'm more of a Rock Band person, but hat off to them, other dance games dont really care what you do with your arms.

IdleLeeSiuLung2904d ago

"other dance games dont really care what you do with your arms. "

or your legs, body head.... you know, your whole body! Certain things Kinect just works really well, others not so much.

I'm interested in that snow boarding game coming out in January? The Star Wars game looks fantastic too. Wish the had a full body tracking fighting game First/Third Person View!

fooltheman2904d ago

problem is, will justin bieber move those things...
you do know that naked women, don't sell more things to men...they just watch at the women, don't read the message...

(but yeah, we're not with adults here, so in the end, it'll move those anyway ^^)

But will coca cola move Playstation Moves? ^^

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Parapraxis2904d ago

@Bigpappy ...are you on the Kinect promotional team? You are sounding like an MS PR lame.

Bigpappy2904d ago

I wish. I love the product and I see how big and impact it will have in an out of the gaming world. You "hardcore" can screem and cry all you want, but there are a lot of people out there in the real world who want to have fun too.

Yeah. So I love Kinect and you hate it. This does not mean that one of us has to die. We can co-exist. But if that doesn't work for you. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Bigpappy2905d ago

Nice cut scene. Very appropiate.

ExplosionSauce2905d ago

It may have been more appropriate for something a little bit bigger and more epic than Kinect. But I guess everyone's got their own tastes. Nothing wrong with that.
We'll see. Hope it does well in the market.

ProA0072905d ago

excellent cut scene. Shit indeed just got real.

AridSpider2905d ago

Sales skyrocket in 3...2....1

JasonXE2905d ago

Wal-Mart is almost too perfect. Sony better get the jump and put MOVE in their first.

ProA0072905d ago

problem with MOVE is everyone thinks it's just a wii copy. Kinect is brand new (forget EyeToy - no one even knows wtf it is). So Sony needs to train sales people to show off MOVE rather than just leave controllers attached to a glass.

Chaostar2904d ago

"problem with MOVE is everyone thinks it's just a wii copy."

That's a proble with peoples misconceptions not with the product itself.

Nathaniel_Drake2904d ago

Eye toy did sell 10 million units

Bigpappy2904d ago

But if M$ puts Kinect in stores for testeing before the Move gets to the shelves, they will take a lot of casual sales away from Sony.

Biggest2904d ago

I hope they take ALL of the casual sales from Sony. The fewer dance and party games on PS3 the better.

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