PS3 exclusives that'll get every Xbox 360 fanboy jealous

People aren't getting a PS3 strictly for the Blu-Ray player anymore. Sony has put together an exclusive lineup that should intrigue any gamer. Here's the PS3 exclusives that'll get every Xbox 360 fanboy jealous.

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ClownBelt2929d ago

Here we go again. sigh...

FangBlade2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Getting jealous about this kind of stuff is unnecessary, just buy a PS3 and get it over with.

FishCake9T42929d ago

Wasnt there an article like this a few days ago.

SeanRL2929d ago

Yes, there was. This flamebait crap is starting to get annoying.

Double Toasted2929d ago

No one I know ever talks about PS3 games. Hell, they don't even come to these types of websites like me, lol.

Gamerbee2929d ago

I have a PS3 & Im sick of these articles. Its such a childish way to go about it. But its kinda true though.


he only thing that'll get me excited is if someone gives me a PS3 and some games for free. It doesn't excite me to spend money on a hyped machine. Besides, the 3rd party games coming out in a couple of months look just as good or better than any exclusives. Thats why PS3 fanboys are upset over 3rd party devs, they make 360 users lazy and not want to jump on the Play Beyond bandwagon.

Cenobia2929d ago

Is your argument seriously "I like multiplatform games so I don't need a console that does both. The people with the console that plays both are just jealous."

WTF kind of twisted logic is that?

Anywho...these articles are stupid.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32929d ago

Or maybe they meant they don't need ANOTHER console that does both. Anyway, as soon as I get my loot figured out, I'll be getting a PS3.

webeblazing2929d ago

cenobia yeah i never get that people say that alot

KaBaW2929d ago

It goes both ways, :).
But, I agree. Buy both.
If you can't afford, still.. no reason to hate.

Why o why2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

that makes so much sense.....*hyperfacepalm*

exclusives define a console...multiplats just say 'meee too' Only the ignorant feel that 3rd party games alone beat having the same 3rd party games PLUS top notch exclusives..... Bizarro World springs to mind when i think of your comment.

Just face it...the extreme lot from one side that used to lord exclusives now have to STFU and dream up some next BS ....people like you my friend. Even a ps3 fan like myself can admit that i had to get a 360 for a couple games because i had the loot and the desire to do so. You telling me that there arent more games on the ps3 that make 360 owners wanna buy a ps3... LOL you billy

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32929d ago

Seriously, you sound so upset over that persons opinion. Maybe they just aren't impressed with what the PS3 has to offer. Not everyone has to like the same thing you know. For anyone who calls his comment dumb or whatever is immature. You and I both like the PS3 that should be all that matters. People have their reasons for liking or disliking something and for the most part it's an opinion that's all.

DarkTower8052929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"Before we became Xbox 360 fanboys, most of were PS2/PS1 fanboys, after all."

It's so true. Before the 360, there were no fanboys. What the hell happened to us gamers?

Now, even before commenting here, people feel they have to tell which console they own for fear of getting bashed by's all rediculous.

Why o why2929d ago

did you really just say

You see i flow just doesnt give credit where its due. Hes the type of commenter that hates 'hype up consoles' yet he hypes unfinished products OVER 'seen and played by all' products that just so happen to be on the console he doesn't play or like.

Secondly im just sharing my opinion on his opinion. Just read his doesnt make me upset... It makes me laugh. Its the same old. 'we dont care about graphics' yadda yadda until a sniff of a great looking multiplatform or ms exclusive game gets a few shots or bullshots put on the web. There has been a long list of multiplatform and MS exclusives that were meant to topple the graphics (that supposedly dont matter ) of ps3 exclusives. Lost planet 2, Metro xxxx, alan wake, splinter cell con...the list goes on and has been going on for a while yet Uncharted, killzone 2, god of war 3 GT5p even are still at the top. Basically he's projecting. He would love a multiplatform game outdo a ps exclusive just to make us stfu since we've been fudge packing him with 'teh graphics' for a few years

oh i didnt disagree btw...what you said was very noble, just misplaced.

also i questioned his logic....still allowed me thinks. How can you knock a console that has all of the same multiplats plus the slew of true me it makes no sense...nothing really damning about that is there?

Folezicle2929d ago

Not every on has the money to affors two consoles, or see the point in buying another console as they have little time to play their actual one

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SixZeroFour2929d ago

if that wasnt an obvious flaimbait title, i dont know what is

otherZinc2929d ago

if they did, they'd buy it & make them million sellers month 1 NPD!

The only one to "Achieve" that is Gow3.

cobpswii36002929d ago

Most Ps3 exclusives have no problem reaching 1 Million. Niche titles like Heavy Rain and Demon's Souls sold very well. Yet Alan Wake and Metro 2033 have yet to come close to 1 Million.

g0green2929d ago

@cobs please lets not play the sales game dont sink to that level

Scotland-The-Brave2929d ago

That was a very stupid comment, playing the sales game lol
My opinion ps3 games dont sell as much is that there is more choice of games available to suit different needs

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EvilBlackCat2929d ago

the one who posted this crap

DID you notice that those who bough an xbx360 or own just an xbox360 and dont have the intentions of buying a ps3...

2929d ago
PopEmUp2929d ago

what dumbass would be jealous over some stupid multiplatform title, oh wait my mistake it iFLOWLIKEWATER *roll eyes*

Anorexorcist2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

They either grow the hell up and choose to partake in the awesomeness that is exclusive to PS3, or they choose to hold ridiculous allegiance to some corporation who don't even care who the hell they are and continue to be a stupid troll!!!

thedarkestfaction2929d ago

I just bashed the hell out of my 360. I'm never giving the 360 another dollar. 2 fucking systems now and no resolve

TrailerParkSupervisr2929d ago

It's like the Ford vs. Chevy thing. You either like one BRAND and will die for it or you simply like DRIVING and go with what feels best, admiring other people's choices or thanking the stars you went with your choice.

thedarkestfaction2929d ago

One brand doesn't break down every time you buy it

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TheLastGuardian2929d ago

Games like these are reasons why I only need a PS3 this generation. I don't get why fans of the ps1 and ps2 would want an xbox 360 over a PS3. The PlayStation was my first console so when the next generation came around I wanted the PS2. Same Thing when the PS3 came out I wanted it much more than a xbox 360 or a wii. I think each console has more than enough. If you can't afford every console why not stick to the same platform every generation. I mean I could have afforded all 3 consoles this gen, but then I wouldn't have 25 awesome PS3 games.

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Tony-A2929d ago

If you can't beat them, join them.

Get a PS3 and the jealousy will go from you to whoever doesn't own both consoles.

Hacker2929d ago

lol jealous of what..........back to playing on my xbox360 elite console.

mrv3212929d ago

Jealous of better looking games, more of them, free online, dedicated servers... the list goes on.

SOAD2929d ago

Some of these 360 fanboys have been here for years. Don't you think that in all that time they could have saved up the money and bought a PS3? Isn't it obvious that they're trolling because that's the only activity that gives them a sense of enjoyment?

They're just fucking with you guys. And the PS3 fanboys are just fucking with the 360 guys. You guys have more fun getting on each other's nerves than talking about games. I now understand why this site is full of trolls, hell, why the internet is full of trolls.

Why o why2929d ago

do you know how many so called 360 extremist i have on my psn list. Its all good fun for many of them to be honest BUT...There are some that are truly bitter individuals that will never see sense. Both sides so dont get me wrong. Bitter bitter bitter...Ill say no names


PopEmUp2929d ago

I think they like re-purchasing the 360 over and over again, you know it's like crack :P

Persistantthug2929d ago

and is having to downgrade its own 2010 retail exclusives to SUB HD, while some of the PS3's exclusives are doing native 1920 x 1080p.

I'd be jealous too.


Jeff-Ryan2929d ago

yea busy paying $50 a year.

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Hyrius2929d ago ShowReplies(2)
MysticStrummer2929d ago

LOL That name says it all. No need to explain why you like the 360.

Inside_out2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Wait for the Kinect bundle to drop in November if you are thinking of buying a PS3. Sony will have to match the 360 Kinect bundle to be relevant. As for buying a PS3...Why not, it's cheap now...If you want to comment on games and KNOW the truth, you should at least try them.

Great list...Where's KZ, Resistance, Ratchet & clank, Infamous, Heavy Rain, Mag and all the zipper worthy.

If your favorite games are multi-platform games, skip the PS3. Nothing beats the 360 this gen. Best controller, best Operating system, best on-line, best performing and looking multi-plats and best library of games...everybody knows that. Wait to you see the hoops you have to jump through just to play a game on the PS3. I've said it before...the PS3 is a shiny sports car being driven by Paris Hilton.

Cenobia2929d ago

WTF is going on here? Is "If your favorite games are multi-platform games, skip the PS3" actually becoming some sort of argument. That doesn't even make any god dam sense.

What are you people smoking?

And what these "hoops" you are talking about? Turning the machine on?

PS: That is a god awful simile.

stuna12929d ago

The hate is strong with this one!

For the life of me I'll never understand what is so glaringly wrong with the ps3, that people spend their every waking moment downplaying it's capabilities. Maybe it's just plain ignorance! Anyway I like the xbox360, there I said it! "Now time to go and wash my mouth out with soap".

Imalwaysright2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Multiplatforms and Kinect... really?!

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PSfan092929d ago

you mean to tell me that your still not done with halo odst campaign

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OmarJA-N4G2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

There's nothing to be ashamed of.

I'll approve this article.

cobraagent2929d ago

and you still approve a flaimbate and unoriginal article?

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GigaGaia2929d ago

You forgot Final Fantasy Versus 13.