Neocrisis: Interview with Studio Liddell

Neocrisis: Today, I offer my dear readers a special treat: I interviewed Pete Caddock from Studio Liddell, the creators of the iPhone smash hit "Slippy Feet." (click here to see it on iTunes)

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kevco332630d ago

There's so much shovelware on the iPhone it's nice to hear someone taking their game development seriously.

jazzking20012630d ago

the same could be said with Wii also

Homicide2629d ago

Yeah, many just care about the money.

pspgweber2630d ago

nice interview, very interesting.

PaPa-Slam2630d ago

Looking forward to this game, i really want a good game on iPhone.

Valay2630d ago

I've never even heard of the game!