Blizzard step down on REAL ID

BBC news site is reporting that Blizzard has stepped down on the need for users to use their real names on the blizzard forums due to the complaints from gamers.

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mushroomwig2787d ago

Wise move, unless they wanted to lose most of their users.

Darkfiber2786d ago

Don't be ignorant, this would not make anyone not buy their games. It might keep a few people off the forums, but really, how is that a bad thing?

mushroomwig2786d ago

I'm talking about users on the forums, and you have the cheek to call me ignorant..try understanding what I'm saying next time.

mobijoker2787d ago

That's why i love blizzard coz they listen to gamers.I wonder how can they partner with Kotick's FRACTIvision!

Darkfiber2786d ago

Pssh, way to look soft to gamers, now they'll complain and bitch and whine for you to change everything. Haven't you seen that South Park episode about showing the prophet Muhammad on TV?