Europe and Australia denied Call of Duty 4 Beta

Gameplayer reports that the Call of Duty 4 Beta announced at E3 will not be available to anyone outside of the United States.

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MK_Red3789d ago

Why would they do that? Aren't gamers outside US considered human?

ChaosKnight3789d ago

No Canada either?! We're like your baby brother! Boooo

ENNO3789d ago

Europe makes and breaks consoles....why deny us?

PS360PCROCKS3789d ago

well duh of course guys, I mean hello no one outside the U.S would actually want to play this! lol this is so lame when they do this. This better have something to do with servers only being setup in the U.S and not other countries otherwise this is just unfair to everyone else. I'm American so I can't be mad...

zonetrooper53789d ago

Once again, Europe is given the finger. Great...

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The story is too old to be commented.