Grudge Match - Kratos VS Dante

After a rather long sabbatical our gaming grudge match is back and now that we’re done with round one it’s time to dive into the second round where the half-devil, half-human son of Sparda, Dante meets the God of War himself.

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Nike2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Just what is up with these terrible pictures of Kratos people are using for their God of War stories?

Seriously, that's just Goldberg painted over with Krato's body tattoos. :|

Why can't they use artwork like this?

qface642906d ago

lol you beat me to it

oh wait holy crap that is goldberg LOL!!

Gamerbee2906d ago

Kratos would rip dantes little demigod head..Period.

nunley332906d ago

Kratos wins easily but who win in a Dante VS Dante from Dante's Inferno Game?Hades might not exist anymore but hell is everywhere and you know what they say, hell is for heroes!

klado2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Here is the JOKE...

Dante may cry...lmao

Kratos would condom himself...then raep the whole world around dante then when everything is finish, raep himself to death them come back to raep everyone saying dante would win for looking so cool...then when the field is clean, dante would only say, such a powa...come one, dante is cool, but dud, GIRLY cool, spinning like a beyblade every time a fight approach...warping or tele transportation?, are you kidding me! who is he, goku...

Lol, I sound fanatic, but people awe me saying crazyness like dante win for being sexy...LOL

Arnon2906d ago

Honestly... I find it to be a tough call. I played God of War, and I played Devil May Cry. Both characters are utter bad-asses. Dante is fast and has guns, but Kratos is a meathead and basically doesn't feel pain.

RedDead2906d ago

Logically Dante would win easily. He has guns, can change into demons etc, his powers are superior. It's like asking who would win, Cloud Strife or Solid Snake. Snake is much more badass and has the balls of an Ox. But Cloud is Super Human and shoots lightning out of his ass and moves faster than a man can aim. It's not whos more badass, Dante just has better moves.

jeseth2905d ago

Kratos would have a harder time killing Solid Snake.

FishCake9T42905d ago

The only way to find out is if they make Sony vs Capcom.

UltraNova2905d ago

Chuck Norris would kick both their asses with his eyes closed and his hands tied behind his back!


Seriously now, only Goku can win against Kratos and still who knows?

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GWAVE2906d ago

I'd say Kratos would win. He killed the pantheon of greek gods. Dante might possibly kill Kratos, but then Kratos would just fight his way out of Hades and kill him back. He did it multiple times throughout the series...

CrazyForGames2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

hades doesn't really exist anymore without hades and with everyone pretty much being dead then he really has no real way of coming back from the dead

besides if they are in a fight whose to say they are fighting in greece? if they aren't fighting in greece how can he end up in hades?

there ain't no hades where dante comes from

Trollimite2906d ago

not even kratos, can kill kratos!!!

Nike2906d ago

Wow, looks like the contributor actually took my suggestion. :D

deadreckoning6662906d ago

I don't understand why everyone thinks Kratos would kick Dante's ass in a fight. Dante would teleport behind him and fill his skull with bullets before Kratos knew what hit him.

Bereaver2906d ago

Sigh.... again, some people should be banned.

klado2906d ago

Lol dread...only a blind fanboy would say so.

Bayonneta would behave like a true woman in front of kratos, her hair would stop falling, even will learn how to properly walk...and dante...well, dante just may cry in the while too.

cemelc2906d ago

It would be an even fight until the first action command prompt, then dantes a goner nothing lives the action commands NOTHING.

Spenok2906d ago

Lmao, the infamous QTE. Yeah, Kratos would do some terrible things to Dante with a QTE.

In my opinion Kratos would pretty much destroy Dante. Dante is cool. But he's never done something quite like kill every Greek God in existence.

UnSelf2906d ago

dante can fall frm any height

kratos dies when u fall into a pit

nuff sed

Hideo_Kojima2906d ago

a cut can fall from my roof...
if I fall from my roof I would break my leg...

But if I wanted to I could just grab the cat and sit on it till it dies.

StbI9902906d ago

This picture says it all...

ThanatosDMC2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Can Kratos even hit Dante? Yeah, i didnt think so either.

Angels and Devils > greek gods

GOW = square square square square <- prove me wrong

UnSelf2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

99% of the ppl who commented in here sounds foolish because theyre blinded by "badassery" and blatant bias

Play both series thoroughly please before ya comment.


- Heritage: Son of the Ruler of the Gods, Zeus
- Weapons: Blades of Exile, Blade of Olympus
- Peripherals: Golden Fleece, Mercury's Wings, Hermes Boots, Helios Head
- Magic: Army of Sparta
- Strength: 8
- Agility: 9
- Fighting: 9.5
- Speed: 8
- Discipline: An accomplished master of chain-like weaponry
- Resume: The previous God of War. With help, defeated the God Of War, The Sisters of Fate, Multiple Titans and All the Gods


- Heritage: Son of the Devil, Sparda
- Weapons: Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory
- Peripherals: None
- Magic: Dante has the natural ability to become a Devil (Devil Trigger)
- Strength: 7
- agility: 10
- Fighting: 10
- Speed: 10
- Discipline: A master in seemingly all forms of any type of combat/martial arts or any type of weapon combat. Unparalleled agility, accuracy and dexterity
- Resume: Defeated Mundus (the Devil), his twin brother Vergil, slayed countless demons from the Demon World, defeated the military and prevented the opening of our world to the demon world.

(im only counting weapons and peripherals from the last games)

UnSelf2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Edit for above post:


Magic: Kratos can summon the Rage of Olympus


Fighting: Undetermined. Dante can assume multiple fighting stances including: Swordmaster, Trickster, Royal Guard, GunSlinger and Dark Slayer. The mastery of these forms makes Dante and unmatched foe in the arena and coupled with his Devil Trigger makes him all but invincible.

Devil Trigger increases all of his abilities exponentially.

DanyBrown2906d ago

try upping the difficulty to "not for babies" and come and tell me how far you get.

ThanatosDMC2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Dante is a bad character to figure out though because he loves to screw around. In DMC4, he could probably have cut that huge Sparda statue from a distance except he decided Nero should do it. Remember the scene in which he cut the giant demon gateway with Yamato from a long distance?

It'd be better if it were Vergil but then again Vergil kills all his enemies really fast without hesitation. Watch Vergil vs Beowulf.

In the DMC anime, Dante vs a demon that has the power to destroy earth and the demon realm and could match Mundus(i forgot his name) could not match Dante in power in his human form. Sid, the lesser demon who tried to destroy the world, was stunned at Dante's power after he went DT. Then Dante forgave Sid and shot Sid with Ivory in the face.

@ Milf below: Dante doesnt catch on fire but his clothes does. He joked about it with the fire four-legged demon boss. Dante was sitting on him.

StbI9902906d ago can this little girly emo pssy which is hot btw...

Beat this boner breaker...

KRATOS would Distortion HER future into some kind of have them open and you may live, the only way.

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Why o why2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

but you badass gets lessened when you have to use guns.

Simple test

Who has inflicted the most harrowing deaths on their prey

Kratos or Dante?

One day I hope Capcom and sony combine to make a Sony vs Capcom game. ...could you imagine. maybe MS could bring their quartet of characters as dlc;)

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SupaGamer2906d ago

Kratos would destroy Dante and Goldberg would too.

seij5552906d ago

Dante defeated the Devil who I believe is a tougher opponent than any of the greek gods.

nikkisixx22906d ago

Where did you get this data?

seij5552906d ago

By playing the game O_o

Focker-4202906d ago

Kratos defeated Hades which is basically the devil. He also killed Zeus, the king of the gods. Theres nothing Kratos can't kill. He'd rip Dante in half like he was nothing.

CrazyForGames2906d ago

yup he killed zeus the king of the GREEK gods

i like how so far no one is giving any real reasons as to why they think kratos would win except for hes badass or he just would etc etc

go play the DMC games its obvious dante would win

x5exotic2906d ago

its funny u claim greek gods are weak when the christian god got pwned by humans.....
the "DEVIL" ....who said he is strong?he just whispers shit and hides like a not saying he is weaker than greek saying hes weaker than an ant

qface642906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

uh that guy never claimed the greek gods were weak not what im seeing hes just pointing out THE GREEK GODS meaning zeus is not the king of the gods

btw um the christian god was pwned by humans? when? im not big on religion but i am 100% sure THE ALPHA, THE OMEGA, THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE he goes by allot of names anyways he was never pwned by humans?

uh do you even know who the christian god is?

Hideo_Kojima2906d ago

I think he meant humans managed to eat his Apples...

StbI9902906d ago

@crazy for gamers...

All people who support dante show how much they love to support anime as well...

Dudes...america badassness over any girly japanese character, get it right..

This would happen

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and he is still ALIVE... so in my opinion greek gods are thougher. Thats my two cents.


Mizz_mai2905d ago

@bubbles i think you need to do your research....sparda isn;t the devil just any random demon,never in the bible or anywhere has satan been referred to as sparda.
Plus even though dante was toying with nero in DMC4,he didnt put that much prowess inbetween the two...whislt kratos....well need i say more

Snakefist302906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

If They Create A Movie Of god of war and devil may cry.They shud give Bill Goldberg for Kratos in GOW Because Goldberg looks exactly like kratos and in devil may cry it shud BE David Beckham lol because in DMC4 Dante Completely looks like David Beckham if u look his face

CrazyForGames2906d ago

uh except goldberg can't act for squat so it doesn't matter how much he would look like him

yewles12906d ago

That hasn't stopped Hollywood before...

demonddel2906d ago

no kratos look like goldberg get it right

Colonel-Killzone2906d ago

Vin diesal would probably play kratos.

Focker-4202906d ago


If they do make a GOW movie the actor has to be perfect. If they do it than it has to be right. No 'Jake Gyllenhal as Prince of Persia' bullshit. It has to be perfect. I wouldn't mind it if it all was CGI. It would be amazing.

CobraKai2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

The Colonel is right though. Odds are they would get Vin to play Kratos and he would prolly personally produce it too. If not Vin, then it would surely go to Ryan Reynolds or Seth Rogen.

This is Hollywood. It's about who the mass market would like to see.

Alos882906d ago

Kratos vs. Dante. Who wins? The Internet.

Colonel-Killzone2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

You can't be serious........

Kratos would Kill Dante in so many ways its not even funny. Then he would fuck dante wife right afterwards. Kratos is to bad ass Dante is not on his level.

EYEamNUMBER12906d ago

last time i checked kratoses badassness doesn't give him the ability or speed to dodge bullets

Colonel-Killzone2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Actually he got the hermes boots so he able to dodge bullets. He is badass enough to just take bullet shots and still whoop anybody ass in the process.

I'm assuming you did not play God of War 3. If you did you would know he now has the ability to run At God like speed. He can Also Fly did we not also forget that ?

EYEamNUMBER12906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

i played god of war 3 one of the 2 reasons i bought a ps3 and the hermes boots are not fast enough to go beyond bullet speed

im guessing you have never played devil may cry dante has NATURAL speed so fast rain slows down all around him as seen in DMC3

Colonel-Killzone2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Did you not forget that Kratos is the Master of time and reality then ? HE KILLED THE SISTERS OF FATE...... He controls time and reality also. That explains how he was able to bring back to titans.

No I did not play DMC never really cared for it honestly. Anyway in reality they would never fight because they live in two totally different time realities.

I will finish this and say Kratos has the power of Hope o.0 happy now ? Lol

EYEamNUMBER12906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

kratos is NOT the master of time or reality if you have played god of war 2 then you should really know that
kratos was only able to do what he did to the sisters because of the HELP he was receiving from the titans

not only that the temple of fate was destroyed he was only able to go back in time for 1 trip to bring back the titans if he was the master of time and reality he would never have had to bother with everything that happened in god of war 3

in the DMC series dante also has time abilties of his own

without even playing the DMC series you can't say kratos would win all it would take is for you is to play the series
doesn't matter if you like kratos or dislike dante based on their abilities dante would win

japanese characters are always much more overpowered compared to american characters

1Victor2906d ago

he killed hermis the original flash what make you think he can't beat dante .killing dante would be too easy head of helios and blade of olimpus is more than enough to kill him.

EYEamNUMBER12906d ago

original flash my foot the flash ran around the entire world 5 times in less than a minute i don't know what game you were playing but the hermes i saw didn't have flash levels of speed

again play devil may cry and you will see dante fight and kill enemies that far exceed the speeds hermes has shown in god of war 3 and if you played god of war then you should know kratos DID NOT beat hermes because of his superior speed

like i said already dante is so fast he can cut a rain drops in half
his movements are so fast rain literally stops
so fast he can exceed human vision

besides if you play the DMC games you would know of dantes ability to temporarily STOP time

Incognegro2906d ago

I'm with EyeamNUMBER1 on this one. Although I've never been a huge fan of Kratos, I have played all of the console games for both characters, (well...I touched DMC2 but...I just didn't have the drive to finish it) and to be honest... I really don't see Kratos as standing a chance. One thing people fail to bring up is that Dante has survived blows that have actually killed Kratos, and considered it child's play.

I mean come on...he plays with the sword right after he was gutted... Do I even have to show what happened to Kratos when he took hits on this level? I'll save you the trouble by reminding you. He died both times.

And if anyone is saying that because he killed Hermes, he can kill Dante...what? Are you forgetting that Hermes didn't even have any offensive ability what so ever? All you did the whole fight was chase him down. And to be honest, from what I could see, in Devil Trigger, Dante is much faster than Hermes to begin with. I just don't see this as a comparison...

CobraKai2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

If a giant column, thrown by Aries and speared through Kratos' chest, couldn't stop him, I just don't see how bullets can. Even if they are mystical.

Hell, I never beat a DMC boss using ebony & ivory.

ThanatosDMC2906d ago

Another one that cant play or never played DMC.

stb2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Ripping his head while raping the crap out of poorly girly japanese dante...really, girly character are of the most stupid for have incedible power...but anime fan are another story

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Nike2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

What is it with Kratos' immediately having to f*ck/rape any women associated with his opponent immediately afterwards? (Unless his opponent is a woman, in which case he rapes and then kills her, according to God of War fans)

Dante doesn't even have a wife. >.>

And quite frankly, forget Dante. Vergil is the one who would totally own Kratos.

the-show-stopper2906d ago

hes talking about dante from dantes inferno

Muletroid2906d ago

oh well if its that dante then nevermind that dante sucks

hybridtheory122906d ago

golden fleece would deflect the bullets, if it can deflect the attacks of hundreds of creatures and 6 gods without breaking.