Adventure Gamers: Gray Matter preview

It’s hard to believe, but we are currently living in the year when Jane Jensen’s long-awaited adventure game Gray Matter is actually going to be released. For reference, some of the things that didn’t exist when we first covered this game in 2003: Facebook, Blu-Ray Movies, the Twilight books, Justin Bieber. What’s even more remarkable is that fan anticipation is just as strong now as it was when we first learned of the project seven years ago, if somewhat tinged by frustration and cynicism by now. After all this time, the question is whether any game can measure up to this level of hype and anticipation. I can’t answer that for sure, but I had the opportunity at this year’s E3 convention to see large chunks of the first few chapters of the game demoed by Jane herself (with assistance from dtp entertainment’s Claas Wolter), and it looks exactly as deep, mysterious, and complex as you’d want a Jane Jensen adventure to be.

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