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"Is it Mario Kart meets Project Gotham Racing? Or Wipeout plus Gran Turismo? Choose your favorite comparison for Blur, the action racer from Bizarre Creations. With Geometry Wars under their belt, the Brit developer has a history with neon infused, arcade-style action, and Blur is no exception. It’s bright, fast, and frenetic, with splitscreen multiplayer aiming to give Nintendo’s beloved kart racing franchise a run for its money. But with an RPG influenced, Modern Warfare-style system of multiplayer leveling, it seems to want to be much more than that. Has Blur bitten off more than it can chew?"

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theonlylolking2900d ago

I like it more than mario kart wii. Although double dash is my favorite mario kart and second favorite kart game.

I wish they do another double dash. It would be fun to play online co-op in a race.