TV Show Features PS3 Controller Operated Virtual Reality Prototype

Ripten Writes: One of the latest episodes of FOX’s “Lie to Me” features a pretty comical (and totally inaccurate) representation of video games. Imagine that.

The situation involved a soldier suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after returning from Iraq. In an effort to “get to the root of the problem” Dr. Lightman and his team make use of some new “virtual reality” equipment said to have been developed via a grant provided by the Department of Defense. Sounds complicated, high tech, and expensive!

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qface642905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

those graphics were lame lol

what was he even controlling?

FrankDaTank2905d ago

exactly. he was waving it around like a rag doll. not sure about you but i actually like to game with both hands on the controller.

Drjft2905d ago

Little do we know, he's actually MLG in the making.


greeneggsnsam2905d ago

Unless he was playing a Kinect game somehow!

Hideo_Kojima2905d ago

Virtual reality is awesome though... I wish Sony MS or Ninty pick up on this before the next gen.

Donny2905d ago

DAMN, thats insane, just insane man! like whoah dude!, no seriously....its cool.

Blacktric2905d ago

I f*cking love Tim Roth but wtf is this? They could've give him a stick or something and it wouldn't be as ridiculous as this. I don't understand. That is a VR machine and it seems he can move the character by his thoughts. But why is he holding a controller if he doesn't need it for anything?


The Show is amazing, but the this scene is weird.

FrankDaTank2905d ago

yeah i do watch the show but this just seems like the people who thought this up haven't played a video game since atari.

2905d ago
Tony-A2905d ago

I love this show!

I love when they show the subtle signs of people lying and actually match them up with real people or celebrities who showed the same sign. haha

mmmj2905d ago

I love Lie To Me, but wasn't this on quite a while ago?

Also, so what that he's holding a PS3 controller? This is the largest piece of non-news I've seen recently. Stupid >.>
It's a TV show, it's not like it's actually running on a PS3.

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