Could this be the most highly anticipated video game this decade?

The video game that arguably stole the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) showpiece event was Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Buoyed by the video games outstanding audio and cyberpunk/renaissance aesthetics this article looks into the reasons that suggest this could be the most highly anticipated game this decade.

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Wizziokid2905d ago

"the most highly anticipated video game this decade?"

Nope, top 10 maybe but not number #1

GWAVE2905d ago

The first Deux Ex was a groundbreaking game and the best in the series so far, but even that game wasn't all that famous. Heck, most people don't even know that Bioshock heavily ripped concepts from the original DE.

Thrillhouse2905d ago

@GMAVE, Bioshock was heavily influenced by System Shock 2, which came out a year before Deus Ex.

All three mentioned games are absolutely brilliant, though.

JonnyBadfinger2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Never heard of it....

And i dont want to know about it either.

Any game with the word "Revolution" in its title is destined to fail.

And with games like KZ3, GT5, HALO: REACH, CRYSIS2, FABLE 3 and COD7 all just around the corner i doubt whether anyone has looked into this game.

tdrules2905d ago

Could you act more casual please?

morganfell2905d ago

Not unless they repair the utterly broken AI demonstrated in the gameplay videos from E3.

nnotdead2905d ago

do you hear that sound? that is the sound of 35 billion people face palming. yes, your statement was such a failure of epic proportion that it broke the entire space time continuum. people from all different time and places are holding their hand over their faces for a reason they don't truly understand, but they realize its epic.

NegativeCreepWA2905d ago

Deux Ex is of the few games I know im getting for sure. I both games in the series were great.

cb4g2905d ago

Ignorance must be bliss mate...

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Wizziokid2905d ago

I also loved the first game, classic title and always will be

Folezicle2905d ago

I doubt as the general population of gamers any exclusive could be the most anticipated game.. It really needs to be a multi-platform.. Mainly because of fan-boys, exclusives to a console will get a lot of hate from a rivals fan-boys, regardless how good a game is..

Venatus-Deus2905d ago

50+ million series sales say otherwise.

inception1232905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

lol you really got disagrees for stating a fact while Folezicle doesn't even though what he said is just dumb . there are some stupid people on this site just do a little reseacrh people. every main entry in gt has sold over 10 mil and the spin offs sold 5 mil or more. fanboys are so dumb they will deny the truth just because it goes against what they want to belive.

Michael_Pachter2905d ago

Halo: Reach is. According to my estimates, it will sell 9 million units in it's first 4 minutes on the market.

Anyone who disagrees with me is just a fanboy because I, Michael Pachter, am never wrong! Just look at my Wii HD prediction... oh, wait...

BeOneWithTheGun2905d ago

It's getting old Michael....we get it.

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Mista T2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

people have no idea, if this game matches the first one somehow then this will be a classic like the first. the first one always hits people who've played it like me with nostalgia when it's mentioned. here's a few of songs from the soundtrack of the first.

speed up the 3rd link to around 33 seconds :)

Inside_out2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Who came up with that Reach will have a big showing this year and has had great games all decade long. Add to that the amount of money the game has generated with the on line community and after market purchases and one could argue it is the biggest game of the decade. If this game was a multi-platform game, it would definitely be right up there with COD.

Mario, Zelda and all the Nintendo exclusives have the most sales over all but they are not known for on line game play which is the big thing right now and has taken over the sales as well as the money generating race.

COD has jumped to the front of the pack. Huge sales and billions of hours on-line. Cod is the number one franchise ( multi-plat ) right now. Every publisher is scrambling to come up with a MW2 clone.

Gears was the new kid on the block this gen. With sales of over 12+ million games for the first 2 installments, Gears of War 3 could potential join the mile high club ( 10+ million )in 2011.

Sony's exclusives have underperformed in terms of sales in comparison to other titles in there genres. They could have a break out title that could potential reach the Halo's, Mario's, Gears or COD's of the gaming world.

This video was the show stealer IMO. Three minutes of unmatchable game play and insane graphics...All in real time.

mantisimo2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Sure is sensational to entitle this article in this way.

2010 is the first year of this decade so within a year and a bit is really pushing it a bit far.

Am interested but will have to wait and see, The last guardian is my most anticipated title this coming year.

Oh and please don't disagree because it isn't your most anticipated I'm just saying it's mine is all :)

Imperator2905d ago

wow, hold on there. The decade just started.

bviperz2905d ago

I was thinking the same thing. We're still in the first year of the new decade.

Heisenberg2905d ago

But it does look pretty sick so far.

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Lou-Cipher2905d ago

For me it's GT5, but I am definetly looking forward to the new Deus Ex.

deanobi2905d ago

Everything seems to right with this game :]

RatFuker2905d ago

it has to be GRAN TURISMO 5.

MariaHelFutura2905d ago

I`m down, it`s not my number 1, but I`m down.

theEx1Le2905d ago

defo looking forward to this :D