New Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer Mode Revealed: Zomboni

Capcom has revealed a brand new multiplayer game mode called Zomboni.

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TrevorPhillips2957d ago

I so cannot wait for this game :D

Dead Rising 1 made my day

DelbertGrady2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Yeah mine too. Would like to know more about the 360 exclusive Case Zero expansion as well.

Agent-X - Probably yeah. Most likely timed exclusive.

Cenobia2957d ago

I wish this was more like "The Walking Dead". They could have attack defend game modes where zombies are used as distractions and ways to overwhelm opponents. For example, one team could try to hold a building while another tries to kill everyone inside it to take it as their own. Letting zombies in would be a good way to clean house, but they aren't friendly to either team. That would be awesome.

This just seems stupid. Who would play this mode for more than 5 minutes?

TrevorPhillips2957d ago

I know Capcom said that Case Zero is exclusive to 360 but thats what they said for all there other games especially other gaming companies but they end up being released on PS3 aswell.

MariaHelFutura2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Shhhhh....Timed Exclusives are Xbox Exclusives. So are games that are on the PC. Duh!

Folezicle2957d ago

Jesus, stop being so selfish, Sony doesn't deserve every exclusive, and I've been expecting Left 4 Dead 2 for a while on PS3, I didn't bother getting it on the 360 because of the Aussie Classification Board made Valve re-do the whole game but with no blood.. I'm sorry to say this but I don't think it will be coming to PS3 because this whole "exclusive" shenanigans is now a big marketing point for both Microsoft and Sony.. I expect to see both companies trying to entice us with a lot of exclusives, as they have this year.

xYLeinen2957d ago

I'm still fascinated how people are 100% exited for every zombie game that is released >_>

It's truly something that can't be explained. Looks like other developers sees this as well. Like Rockstar releasing zombie mode to RDR..

MariaHelFutura2957d ago

Zombie have an extremely high cult following.

El_Colombiano2957d ago

I have a crazy fascination for zombies. I can't wait for this game, nor RDR's mode. I still play Dead Rising religiously too.

MorganX2957d ago

Dead Rising was the pappy of Zombie games. If it were to ever come to PS3, I'd buy it again. I don't think 2 will be as good as the first, but we'll see.

El_Colombiano2957d ago

Haha it is the pappy of Zombie games. I wish it were released on PS3 but it's been four years, that isn't happening. And I agree, I have a sad sad feeling Dead Rising 2 will not be as good as the original. One thing I WILL miss is the camera. Damn you Capcom.

Spenok2957d ago

It's simply because killing zombies NEVER gets old. Ever.

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ger1012957d ago

What happened to Patient Zero (Or whatever it's called)? Wasn't it supposed to be released on Thrusday?

Colonel-Killzone2957d ago

Because co-op with zombies are fun. Although I will be buying this game. But I WILL NOT buy call of duty for zombies mode again. Can't support activision on that.

MariaHelFutura2957d ago

Hey, Nothings wrong with killing what`s already dead.

No more stimulus packs for them from you? LOL.

Colonel-Killzone2957d ago

Lol I never bought any of those map packs. Once I got my 2.50 K/D I was finished with it. I went back to Killzone and went back to trying to platinum a lot of other games I neglected. Also Went back to Mag and now Uncharted 2 ^_^.

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