20 Jobs Lost at Firaxis

It seems no-one can escape the giant money crunch that has been sweeping the globe, not even game publishers and developers...

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Drjft2958d ago

Yeah I know, it does suck. Hopefully the guys find new jobs.

CrzyFooL2957d ago

I didnt even know Fraxis was still in business

lzim2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

20 people is plenty to start a new studio on their own depending on their roles and if it was a redundancy issue not an incompetence issue. ah if only MGS would take them in and use their talents to put together something new and sweet for Xbox Live...

also from that article.. I didn't even know they were going to infest FB with Civ. Wouldn't a 2D railroads have worked better? I wash my hands of them.