Preview: Driver: San Francisco (Single-Player) - Electronic Theatre

Driver: San Francisco will be the fifth title in the Driver series, though the story follows on from roughly three months after Driv3r. At the end of Driv3r, undercover cop Tanner was shot by his arch nemesis Jericho and fell into a coma. Driver: San Francisco starts with Tanner in a coma, subconsciously hearing the news about the escape of Jericho. Through hearing this it sets his mind alight and this is where most of the game is set, in his subconscious.

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i hope i hope i hope this time around this game will finally work!

Blacktric2747d ago

It's gonna suck because of that teleporting sh*t called switch ability. The Driver series hence the name was about driving cars in a realistic enviroment. It wasn't about teleporting into another car. If that ability and Tanner's coma thing was at the beginning of the game just to let us warm I'd say it's ok but they f'd it up. Classic Ubisoft move of course.

Spenok2747d ago

Somehow i don't think it will. Unfortunately.

MaximusPrime2747d ago

I predict a flop. Switch ability will ruin it.

I'd rather look forward to Test Drive Unlimited 2

acere2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

i remember playing driver on ps1 ...MIAMI

Dellis ..YEA jump
from car to car stuff.
NOT REALLY into that

Dellis2747d ago

This game will be trash, because of that stupid jump
from car to car stuff.

jony_dols2747d ago

That switching ability is the most non-driveresque thing I've ever heard!