Sony Unveils the World’s Smallest 3D Camera

The Sony 3D TVs have been around for a bit now, the PlayStation 3 has recently begun the push to 3D with a new firmware patch and several 3D games on the way, and now Sony has introduced two new 3D digital cameras to the market, and both share the title of the smallest in the world.

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Chaostar3054d ago

Awesome, I just broke my last cybershot on holiday too :P

zootang3054d ago

I'm gonna have to buy the other half one of these, she'll love it. She has the the old T70

GWAVE3054d ago

I'm not at all saying this camera is a bad product, but $300 to $400 for this, or $200-ish for a 3DS? Hmmmmm.

alphakennybody3054d ago

not everyone plays video game ya know and this is made for those people.

sikbeta3054d ago

Cyber-shot are The Best, I want One of this NOW!!!

PirateThom3054d ago

Yeah, I'm fairly certain this will be better quality than the 3DS camera.

darthv723054d ago

well...opinions will differ on that one. I like Canon and Nikons as well. Sony's are very good too.

To proclaim them as "THE BEST" should probably have had IMO after it.

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Donny3054d ago

what an amazing company.

MNicholas3054d ago

This camera doesn't take instant 3D shots with a simple click. Rather it uses the concept of the stereoscopic parallax to construct a 3d image from shots taken sequentially from different angles

A true 3D camera (like the kind produced by a company I used to work for) would take both shots at once. Of course, this requires 2 lenses with synchronized focus/zoom/etc, and if you don't want to compromise resolution, 2 synchronized sensors, among other special circuitry.

The advantage of the approach taken with the cameras in the article is that, apart from much lower price, your stereoscopic viewing distance isn't, at least in theory, limited by the width of the camera, allowing stereoscopic images of large objects like house. One of the cool things about it is that you could see things we consider large objects (houses and trees) from a giant's perspective.

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trounbyfire3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

near future you will not watch tv or play games on a tv

you want 3d i want holograms

did you see the water dragon it was beautiful and the other small hologram sony had was very impressive

lol shes a hologram yet they talk politics
i summan the blue eyes white dragon

karan86243054d ago

That wasnt really a hologram, it was an overley. He was likely looking at a screen with her face and they did an overley onto the show in real time so it looked like she was there. Hologram...ish

at least, Im pretty sure thats what it was

Microsoft_Spokesman3054d ago

You're right. I saw an interview and they said that's how they did it.

Lombax3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Wrong post. Wrong article. Damn PS3 browser. -_-'

Snakefist303054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Hell Im definetly gonna buy those 3D cam for sure.Going to the beach taking pictures of HOT GIRL In

Colonel-Killzone3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Lol thats pretty cool I must admit it. This is Innovating in my opinion.

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