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When the San Diego Comic-Con started in 1970, about 300 people showed up. This year's event drew 120,000 fans - enough to get the attention of not just comic-book publishers, but movie studios, TV networks and video-game companies as well.

Just about every major video-game company (with the glaring exception of Nintendo) had some kind of presence at Comic-Con, but Ubisoft made the biggest splash.

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TriggerHappy3976d ago

Before people go off reporting this, you should realize this is not just another "blu-ray winning over hd-dvd article". There's more to it.

the_round_peg3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Blu-ray has nothing to do with Xbox 360, Wii, PC, or just gaming in general.

Yet again, the title was needlessly changed to some sensational, inflammatory language.

TriggerHappy3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

you really need to start reading things before jumping to conclusions and stop your triple reporting, one report is all that you need

the_round_peg3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

1. It's LAME: We have been started denying and rejecting other people's Blu-ray and HD-DVD submissions to clean up the place - because they are getting really annoying. Yet you somehow think you are special and can break the rules, and you get all your friends and pals to pre-approved your submission on yet another stupid "Blu-ray is winning!" post.

Now someone will want to post "HD-DVD is not losing" post in response (or retaliation,) and if their submissions get rejected, then people will feel it's unfair and biased. They are gonna ask: why did he get approved while other people got denied for the same type of sh!t? Then we'll just have to approve every Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD submission to be fair. It'll just be a slippery slope. Everyone knows how these things go.

2. It's SPAM: SPAM because these Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD format war sh!t is getting ANNOYING. It has NOTHING to do with gaming. SPAM = Someone posting ANNOYING message.

3. It's BAD EDITING: The original headline is perfectly fine, yet you needlessly changed the title to some sensational, inflammatory language. I know what your intention is. You just want to bait flame war to get high temperature.

Ares843976d ago

Blu-ray has already won...there are just a few people and a studio(Universal) who wont admit it.
They have to relise that HD-DVD is dead now!
This week they released Hot Fuzz on HD-DVD only...well I won't be getting it because all I buy now is there, they lost $35 now. And you may thing that $35 is not a big deal to a company but imagine all the other people who think the same way.
How many PS3's where sold?? close to 5 mill right?? So 5 million people are guaranteed to have a blu-ray player and out of that 5 mill I'm sure that at least 2 mill would have brought Hot Fuzz on how much money is that again?? 2,000,000.00x35= 70,000,000.00
Now that's a lot of money they lost there!!
Universal should relise by now...even if it still puts out movies on HD-DVD they shuld do the same on blu-ray!!

TriggerHappy3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

you post directly to forums and you calling the news i post spam?

Reaility check 1

X360 Price drop...confirmed is the original heading for this yet you changed it to suit your own liking and you complaining about my title ?

Reality check 2
bioshock-official-movie-9 is the original title for this , yet you changed it to suit your own liking

Ares843976d ago

I never said that you post spam!! Not with one word!
Youre lost kid!!! Mind where you typeing!!

Shaka2K63976d ago

This is not real news we all already know Blu-ray has won the war.
end of contest.
Sony wins again.

ASSASSYN 36o3976d ago

Not game news reported. So I reported user.

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