Microsoft Announces DirectX 10.1 Preview, Betas New Audio Tech

Microsoft is making a tech-demo version of its upcoming DirectX 10.1 available via download, including a version of XAudio2, the company's cross-platform replacement for DirectSound.

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ShiftyLookingCow3882d ago

so is DX10.1 supported by this generation of 8800 and 2900 cards?

sloth4urluv3882d ago

Sounds like some of the new features wont be supported on the cards, but the replacement for direct sound looks cool.

medziarz3882d ago

oh boy, another MS format that had to be patched/changed, just like hdmi output, some games requiring hdd, a heatsink? :P

MK_Red3882d ago

Isn't it a bit too soon for 10.1? I mean there aren't even 5 DX10 games availabe and we almost haven't seen anything from DX10 on our computers (Crysis is far from release). I hope 10.1 helps with the performance of DX10/9 games on mainstream PCs.

BlackTigea3882d ago

Mk I really hope your right if this new SDK could make us mainstream computer run 10% better in terms of graphic I would be happy. but from the look of it 10.1 I doubt it has anything to do with DX9 computer... I'm still stuck with Ati X1300. the Info I read seems to reduce certain graphic structure of the game, better yet (in game). 10.1 I think is abit to soon really. Well just wait and see.

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