The Rumour Mine: Angry Birds 2, iPod touch Retina display, Mirror's Edge delayed (again)

Pocket Gamer:

After a much-needed break following the rumour-filled madness of WWDC and E3 in June, I'm back at it again!

This week it's all about iPhone and iPod touch - sorry, iPad, you'll get your time back in the spotlight again soon enough. Rumours are mounting over just what the next iPod touch will look like and it's sounding awfully similar to iPhone 4, which is fine by me.

With Mirror's Edge for iPhone and iPod touch delayed yet again - this time to support the high resolution iPhone 4 Retina display - it may end up being available around the time the new iPod touch arrives. You're sure to have on in time for Angry Birds 2, though.

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Quagmire2930d ago

Who cares about the iphone game, when is EA gonna announce Mirror's Edge 2 sometime in the future? I'm sure DICE has garnered enough dough from BC2 to warrant a sequel to ME. MAKE IT HAPPEN, hopefully after theyve done with the MP for MoH.