Real World Weather Affects NCAA 08

It's been a feature long imagined since consoles first connected to the Internet, but now the latest version of NCAA football from EA Sports will actually change the virtual field conditions according to the real-world weather outside.

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PS360PCROCKS3973d ago

"Videogame football doesn’t reschedule for no stinkin’ tornado…" Lmao! This is sick I didn't know they had this?

Darkiewonder3973d ago

So even if the Wii's Internet Channel helped some of the game, there's no need it the 360 and ps3. I wonder how that would affect other games that aren't sports related? Wonder if they can implement it in a game like racing? Yeah, it's probably possible.

Whoooop3973d ago

Like they going to keep playing with a tornado at full swing about 2 miles from the stadium

Nostradavis3973d ago

In the real world, no they won't play with a tornado. But say you decide you want to play your buddy online and you select the home stadium in an area that is currently experiencing a tornado. Do you think the game is going to tell you "sorry you can not play here as the current stadium is experiencing a natural disaster"?

donscrillinger3972d ago

this doesnt work online when your playin .so who cares