EA: Spore Will Ship When It's Done

Electronic Arts reaffirmed that it will be releasing Will Wright's Spore sometime in the early fiscal 2009 timeframe, but added that the game won't release before it's absolutely finished.

"It's one of those breakthrough products that might come across the industry every three, five, seven years.... We could not be more bullish for the potential of the franchise as we are right now," said Riccitiello.

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Bolts3916d ago

Yeah sure, pal, whatever. I don't know which game is more dead, Spore or Duke 'Em.

Its ok Wright, between Sim City and the Sims you're due to choke on a multi-million bomb or two. Oh wait, you had one already. The movie sim...LOL!

tplarkin73916d ago

When was Spore first announced? 2 years ago? Now we need to wait another 2 years?

ItsDubC3916d ago

So it's August '07 and so far the game forecast for '09 includes RE5 and Spore...

bootsielon3915d ago

I can wait with so many games coming to every platform. I haven't seen any game as groundbreaking as this one yet.