All Things PS3 - Free Medal Of Honor Beta Code, NEW Red Dead DLC, Portal 2 Trailer, & Uncharted 2

New episode of All Things PS3 by Cregan

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Trey_4_life2904d ago

Nice podcast cregan, keep up the good work.

Cregan45842904d ago

Thanks Trey. Really appreciate that.

ruiner44822903d ago

I like the NIN intro outro.

Cregan45842903d ago

Great name, Ruiner FTW. Finally saw Ruiner live at the last NIN show in LA. Thanks for watching.

Spenok2903d ago

I really wish i could watch this. But my comp is currently off the internet (and i cant freaking find out why) so I'm on the mothers comp and her speakers don't work. ><

Eamon2904d ago

I think we should put our differences behind us, for science.

vickers5002903d ago

We both said a lot of things you're going to regret.

2904d ago
xtremexx2904d ago

im not a shit head thanks you very much :P lol

Cregan45842904d ago

lol, some guy about 5 episodes back couldn't understand the sarcasm and thought I was serious.