Xbox 360 slim enjoys US sales spike, but will it last?

Microsoft has said that the Xbox 360 has experienced an upsurge in sales with the release of the “slim” model of the console a couple of weeks back.

The revamped Xbox 360 comes with sleeker lines, runs more quietly, and has built-in wi-fi, a port for the motion control system Kinect, and a 250GB hard drive.

Microsoft told Industry Gamers that demand at retail for the new Xbox had been “unprecedented” over in the US.

Price cuts on the existing Arcade and Elite models (down to $150 and $250 respectively) also meant overall sales of the console had picked up, Microsoft claimed.

Obviously this is only in the States, and how the new model performs worldwide will have more of a bearing on Microsoft’s fortunes. It’s due to arrive in the UK in two weeks time.

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Tony-A2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

It dropped by close to 30,000 units worldwide and about 10,000 in Japan alone. I think it's safe to say that it's time is done in Japan, but we'll just have to see how it does in the US next week.

If it's another big drop like the one this week, then it's probably not going to go back up to where it was last week.

EDIT: Messed it up. Fixed, though.

cobraagent2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

The sales of the 360 will drop to normal in Japan in a matter of days. As far as America is concerned i expect the sales to return to normal in one or two weeks perhaps?
Lastly, I don't think the sales in Europe will rise as damatically as they did in Japan or America and will return to normal in one or two weeks after launch

Aquanox2929d ago

No guys, the Slim is only the tip of the Kinect Iceberg... Sales will increse again on September with Halo and October with Fable, then November will come with Kinect and the Xbox 360 will step in the next level. Hardware wise, the sales war could well be over by the end of the year.

Michael_Pachter2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

It'll sell 800k units in July.

Anyone who disagrees with me is just a fanboy because I, Michael Pachter, am never wrong! Just look at my Wii HD prediction... oh, wait...

fooltheman2929d ago

lol, I don't think this will last...
Fable isn't that of a systemseller...

Gears of war and Halo is another story...

Redrum0592929d ago

gears and halo arent system sellers anymore.
ppl who like halo and gears already own a 360

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People are missing the main reason why the PS3 slim did so well: THE PRICE DROP!

$100 off is much more enticing to new consumers than a simple redesign.

raztad2930d ago


People for some reason totally overrated the PS3 redesign and overlooked the price cut.

The Xbox Slim deserves to sell better than its predecessor though. It seems like a much better piece of hardware.

2929d ago
ReBurn2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Well, all of those lists that people like to make about why the 360 is so much more expensive than PS3 lost the $100 OMG YOU MUST BUY IT wireless adapter and the OMG YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT $120 hard drive upgrade.

In the twisted mind of a salivating fanboy does that equate to a $220 price drop? I'm not sure how irrational justification works.

SonySoldiers2930d ago

If you love SONY, just say it.


mrv3212930d ago

Or if you can read and interpret basic facts and figure also "no"

tinybigman2930d ago

i have a working elite (knock on wood), i don't need to spend another $300 when i have a working one. same goes for my other 2 systems also.

MNicholas2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

It's not a "sales spike" for the "360 slim."

360 sales in general spiked in the US due to the massive price drop on the "fat" 360s. This is largely because liquidation prices on "fat" 360s stole sales from the Wii and supplemented hardware owned by existing 360 owners looking for a cheap RROD backup and for use in extra rooms.

LoydX-mas2929d ago

That's why the new 360 slim is sold out and back ordered everywhere and the old Arcade and Elites are still sitting on shelves?

MNicholas2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

The 360 "slim" is not sold out.

Even though each retail store is only getting a handful, they haven't moved many of the slims.

Microsoft has tried every trick in the book to manufacture excitement and the facade of success but the reality is that the slim is simply not doing that well.

Once the liquidation prices of the "fat" 360s are gone, the "spike" will go away as well.

What's more, a lot of the "fat" 360s being sold are RROD backups or for use in extra rooms by people who already own 360s.

Need evidence? Look at the software sales which show only a very modest increase in the US.

Anon19742929d ago

MNicholas is dead on. This sales spike is due to the price drop on the old 360's. Notice how Microsoft wouldn't break down the actual sales amounts?

A $299 360 going head 2 head with a $299 Blu-Ray equipped PS3 still comes up short in the features department. Consumers aren't going to pass up getting a free blu-ray player for the same price. The new 360 changes nothing. The 360 has now experienced 5 back to back quarters of year over year declines according to Microsoft. Obviously the consumer appetite for their product is waning and simply repackaging the old 360 isn't going to change this. In my opinion, neither is a $150 camera add-on for party games with a max of a two man party.

Inside_out2929d ago

Halo Reach launches in 7-8 weeks. I'm sure there will be a bundle and sales will continue. Fable 3 launches in October...Kinect in November with a " NEW " 360 bundle that should be around $299. It seems M$ is gonna have a great year. Lets not forget the FPS Multi's that sell so well on 360 like MOH, Crysis and of course COD Black ops.

The New 360 bundle with Kinect will be hard to come by this holiday. It'll be the tech gadget to get with a reasonably price. Anyone wanting to buy Sony Move should wait for the price matching Sony will have to do to compete with the Kinect 360 bundle.

jerethdagryphon2929d ago

price matching move is on par with the ds and wi nunchuks in price

yes its expensive if you buy 4 sets at once but guess what sos buying 4 ds3s or 4 360 pads

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dizzleK2930d ago ShowReplies(3)
Folezicle2930d ago

I think if they had some more games to offer similar to Monster Hunter: Battle Frontier Online it would be more successful.. Since the theory from industry analysts wasn't the Xbox slim that brought up the sales but more that actual game. We will have to see what Microsoft do next, it obviously has worked, so they do have the capability to do well.. And Kinect is another factor, it could turn out to be a fad like the Power Glove, however for the casual audience it could be a huge success,

jjohan352930d ago

OMG I remember growing up always seeing the power glove on TV commercials. I always wanted that damn thing. I never knew it received such bad reviews.

kyiren2930d ago

we all know that its upgrades and trade in's, if they came out with some #s it would be very low for first time buys.

Omega42930d ago

Well into september, apparently the slim is backordered right into august. And if MS sees a decline they can easily just release the $199 slim and have the current boost triple.

jneul2930d ago

so they will have to resort to desperate measure then just to keep on top, sounds about right I remember when they did more than one price cut to try and keep up with Sony after ps3 slim release, bear in mind ms don't have many price cut moves left in their pocket and will run themselves into the ground very quickly.

hoops2929d ago

Why would you reduce the price of a product that is already selling and in high demand? They wont be dropping the Xbox360s anytime soon.

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