PS.Blog: Lair Officially Delayed

Following the early tips of delays from GameStop and EBgames, Ryan Hamlyn the associate producer of SCEA has officially confirmed the delay in Playstation Blog:

"Wow, even I didn't see this one coming! Due to an extra step in QA testing to enhance the community features in the game, the release of LAIR, originally set for August 14th, has changed to September 4, 2007. Natural challenges that arose while finalizing the offline game to include key online features - such as leaderboards and medal systems - have led to the difficult choice of pushing back the release date. We appreciate everyone's excitement and patience for the game and look forward to its release on September 4."

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etownone3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

the delay hopefully for PS owners is due to the bad reviews lately, fix the controls with the option of using sixaxis or analog, and problem solved. Reviewers wont give low scores due to limited sixaxis only control.

to the moron waggle below.... actually people do care what egm/1up and how other sites/mags like gamespot and gamepro. Now if you weren't so close-minded you were have read that the real only negative about the game was the lack for analog control for the dragons. Thats why I said hopefully they will include the analog control instead of forcing everyone to use sixaxis.

WaggleLOL3952d ago

"Reviewers wont give low scores due to limited sixaxis only control."

Oh shut up idiot. No one gives a crap about what the pathetic little Xbox fanboys at EGM or 1UP have to say about Lair.

Lair is being updated for Home integration. End of story.

Can't wait, the game is amazing and the controls and framerate are spot on with the final version.

Marceles3952d ago

Hmm...well now they have no excuse not to give us a demo :P

etownone3952d ago

first, that was my opinion, thats why i said hopefully, and from the reviews i read of Lair, they were complaining of how much sixaxis sucks to control the dragons, and a choice for analog should have been implemented. Other than that complaint, the rest of reviews were praising the inovation and graphics.

nasim3952d ago

which is a good sign since LAIR got mixed reviews only because of controls.

Hopefully this will give LAIR a 9/10 from most gaming websites

WIIIS13952d ago

@ etownone

You really shouldn't be giving them any more false hopes. That's just not right.

BrotherNick3951d ago

I do care what reviewers think... 60 bucks is a big amount for a game, and pure enjoyment is what people are looking for, so people like me check 4-5 game review sites to see if it's good enough to buy, or rent, or just not try out.

steriotyp3951d ago

Lair?....Delayed??.....What a surprise, considering it gets delayed every time we are close to a release date. This is the one reason why I bought my PS3, and now, it is the one reason why I am selling it. I will pick it up when some more good titles hit.

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Loudninja3952d ago

They stated the reason on the article.and there was only one bad review

Bill Nye3952d ago

Yeah, just like they left out rumble because it was a "last-gen" technology.

Don't believe everything Sony says. I'm sure they're going to tweak the motion-sensing controls a bit, too. It's only logical.

MACHone3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

But hadn't it already been announced that the game had gone golden? Isn't is a little too late for code tweaks after the game's been mass produced?

Bill Nye3952d ago

"Gold" doesn't mean mass produced. It means it's ready to be mass produced. Apparently it really wasn't ready this time.

MACHone3952d ago

I was eight minutes too late to submit this article! Damn, it's so hard to contribute stuff when the N4G crew is so on the ball!

drunkpandas3952d ago

It's a good think that Sony said something quickly before speculation about added control schemes started going nuts on the internet.