Bethesda's Parent Company, ZeniMax Creates MMO Development Studio

The parent company of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion developer Bethesda Softworks has created a new division devoted solely to creating massively-multiplayer online games.

ZeniMax Media Inc. today announced the creation of ZeniMax Online Studios, to be headed by ex-Mythic Entertainment exec Matt Firor, who produced Dark Age of Camelot.

ZeniMax did not release any further details about the division's MMO plans, and on Bethesda's blog Firor said it is still "too early" to talk about titles, genres or platforms. Would any of the yet-to-be-developed ZeniMax Online games come to consoles? Firor doesn't come right out and say no.

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MK_Red3733d ago

Wow, good to know that Bethesda itself isn't after MMO. Really, the last thing we need is Fallout 3 becoming MMO. Today's market is filled with MMO games and only a few of them are really great and worthy games like Guild Wars & WoW.