Old-school challenge is reborn via Demon’s Souls

Combining masterful gameplay with engrossing aesthetics, Demon's Souls is simply one of the best titles in years.

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Donny2906d ago

hey anyone want to add me? i keep using the red eye stone to see 3 dudes coming after me all at once, i need some buds...or atleast face me like a man!, either way great article.

Trey_4_life2905d ago

I say this time and time again, demon souls is the best action rpg ever made, if it had a better story it would even eclipse the zelda series.

And all this is only possible on the PS3, can't for fir Demon souls 2.

The futures bright, the futures playstation.

ChronoJoe2905d ago

Actually. I think DS would be possible on XBOX, and of course PC...

It's not a technical marvel, it looks okay, but far from great.

Not that it ain't a fantastic game though.

JoySticksFTW2905d ago

Not bashing 360, but DS has looong open levels in great detail.

If you ever played any highly detailed, top graphics game on the 360 like Gears 2 or ME2, you'll notice that the levels are beautifully detailed but segmented. Maybe it's because DVD limitations or not every 360 is guaranteed to have a harddrive so the devs segment the levels. But there is almost always a convenient (but non-story related)obstacle stopping you from back-tracking to the beginning of the level in those games.

In DS, you need to be able to backtrack to near any point in that large level... especially if you get invaded by another player. It means everything in DS to be able to escape enemies that you're currently fighting when you get that invasion warning, find an ambush spot anywhere in the level, or run to a battle site of your choosing like a narrow ledge (some Black Phantoms hate chancing falling-death because of the harsh penalties due to environmental death).

Doesn't mean 360 sux!!!11!! And there are probably ways around this, like maybe multiple disks or mandatory harddrive use? But as it stands now, I'm not sure if a game like DS is a good match for 360

ChronoJoe2905d ago

Nah, it could run on 360.

The 360 has more ram. So can handle large, sprawling areas better than the PS3. It would probably need a couple disks and a mandatory install though.

Like I say, I'm not saying the 360 can handle what the PS3 can, normally. I mean Demons Souls probably uses like 50% of the PS3s capabilities, or less (framerate even drops at times, like with the dragon). I think games that are like that, using only half of what the PS3 is capable of - should port to 360 just fine. Even if slightly inferior.

Ult iMate2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Yeah, maybe DS could run on PC or X360 or on the iPhone or wherever.. But as long as I remember, From software released their RPGs only for PlayStation since 1994: King's Field series, Shadow Tower series, Eternal Ring and now Demon's Souls.

midgard2272905d ago

ummmm wtf, zelda has zero story....well zelda gets kidnapped, link finds master sword kills ganon...same thing every year for 20 years.

tho demon souls story isnt awesome the game itself is. lol zelda story

villevalorox2905d ago

Hell yeah, Demon's souls Changed my life. If it was not for Oblivion I would not have bought Fallout or Demon's Souls, and if it was not for Demon's souls... well I would not be playing a lot of the games I am now. Demon's Souls is by far in my top 3 favorite games of all time.

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pixelsword2905d ago

look at the notes on the ground.

GWAVE2905d ago

Yep, Demon's Souls is stinkin' amazing. I was playing it last night. It gets frustrating, but eventually you can't help but load it back up and say "You know what? I know I'm at half health, but I'm going to beat this level even if it's the death of me".

MEsoJD2905d ago

Love all the attention this games receiving. Its been out for awhile now and people are still raving about it.

^_^ aw doesn't it make you all warm inside?

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ClownBelt2906d ago

Only second best game this gen for me.

JoySticksFTW2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

My list would go like this...

3)Demon's Souls

After that in not particular order...

Uncharted 2
Mass Effect 2
Gear of War 1
Dead Rising
Batman: AA

Anon73492904d ago

1. Demon's Souls
2. MGS4
3. Blazblue: Continuum Shift
4. Bayonetta
5. Mass Effect 1/2
6. Persona 4
7. Monster Hunter Tri
8. Vindictus

By the way your list is pretty crappy, Oblivion is basically unplayable without mods that are only available on PC and the console version had a bad ports to begin with. Once the game is heavily modded and all the crap involving it leveling up/stat mechanics are fixed then the game because good but not because of the developer's work.

Gears of War 1/2 are terrible, generic as hell plot, the graphics design is grey and more grey, the online is a laggy glitch fest that's almost as bad as MW2. The game doesn't even deserve any recognition as one of the best games this generation has to offer besides the fact that the gameplay is the same old generic TPS gameplay that has been done many time over.

Uncharted 1/2? Unless you absolutely love repetitive, linear, story based games with crappy puzzles where you just match stuff from a book and generic TPS gameplay you should avoid this game(s) like the plague.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2906d ago

Most games today cater to noobs. Especially fighting and fps games. Cant aim? No worries, here's some aim assist for ya. Dont know how to fight? No sweat. We'll make over powered easy to use characters for your satisfaction. And dont worry. I'm sure not EVERYONE will use those characters online. *thumbs up and winks*

rdgneoz32906d ago

Lock on targeting and games where the health bar refills when you get into cover make games too easy these days. Love how Demon's Souls can rape you with even the most basic of enemies if you're not paying attention.

mrv3212905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

You do realise how stupid what you just said was?

Aim assists are in-game because hitting a person without it on analogue sticks is difficult and if everyone has it where's the disadvantage? Surely these pro's would improve since they can get into the aim assist box far quicker?

It's all about balance, and you know what? YOU used to be a noob as did I... and while we've moved on and improved.

REGENERATING HEALTH?! Was one of the best thing to make it's way into a FPS. Just imagine the HUGE balancing that is needed if in every OPEN ended level they has to place health drops just at the right point. Even the smallest of mistakes could render a level insanely hard. The placement of regenerating health gives the player more freedom and I could not imagine how hoarde type games could work.

I'm also not saying the old school is bad either, and think game developers could learn a lot from demons souls.

Back in my day... yeah where there where pixels and the only reason why you completed really hard games if because that was your ONLY game. Just because you remember the commodore 64 doesn't make you in anyway superior to anyone.

Boy30002905d ago

Yeah the stupid fake ass elitism like the guys above has to stop.

Probably makes them feel superior or something.

guzman2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

^ Why don't you put a stop to it then tough guy? Douchers like the two cocknozzles above me are the Mountain Dew swilling, crotch fungi of gaming. Stick to your braindead Fps games kids.

ChronoJoe2905d ago

He's right though. Even if without aim assist, we take a little in target acquisition. On games like Call of Duty where the entire game IS target acquisition (once acquired they die soon as you pull the trigger, basically).

Increasing the learning curve by removing all assists would make the game considerably more interesting and give the better players a little more room to, well uh. Walk around freely without fear that a random noobs gonna' charge with a knife from 4 metres away for an auto-kill.

It makes the game more fun for those wanting to invest more time, reward increases over time investment. It's not a 'jump in and this as as good as it gets' affair. Depth to gameplay = more fun, greater lifespan.

LevDog2906d ago

Just got done.. Its sooo infuriating.. I cant beat nothing.. I died.. Im in the nexus and I cant beat that castle place.. Im terrible..

rdgneoz32906d ago

wait for enemies to attack, block/dodge and then do a few quick attacks. The blue/red knights, wait for them to charge / start a combo, dodge to the side then attack a few times and then back off, and then repeat. If they break your block, your screwed. As for the boss, fire is your friend.

Newtype2905d ago

That doesn't work well vs lag. Try beating the Monk online...well vs other players it's nearly impossible seeing how they get an early blow on you once you step through the door. That's why I fought the Monk offline.

Ultraplayerxd2905d ago

When I fix my ps3(Hard drive got corrupted) I'm getting this game.

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