Dragon Age II details

Dragon Age II details have been revealed from Game Informer.

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alster232784d ago

sounds awesome already looks like its going to have the good ole bioware touch to make it miles better then the original

-Mezzo-2784d ago

Can't wait for this game, love the first one.

Folezicle2784d ago

Same, I loved the first one

Jaces2783d ago

I may have to give DA another go, for some reason it turned me off. Friends told me it picks up in action but the amount of dialogue killed it for me, I mean I love a great story and what not but at least make it bearable.

Just my opinion.

ECM0NEY2783d ago

and the turn based gameplay didnt help either

Zalset2783d ago

Then DA:O is just wrong game for you. For me and pretty much every Bioware fan, these games are about the dialogue and plot. When Im fighting in DA:O, im just looking forward to the next conversation with someone. Not that I don't like the combat, it's awesome.

R6ex2783d ago

Graphics sucks & turn-based battles is not what I called exciting.

Hope this new game has better graphics, and like ME1 to ME2, more fluid realtime action-oriented battles.

And ... bring on more hot chicks like Morrigan!!!

Spenok2783d ago

For sure. The second one will be extra badass I'm sure. I just wish i could still choose my race. :/

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Myst2784d ago

Yay for data import!

4221852784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I want Dragon Age 2 NOW!!!

iceman28852784d ago

And I'm sure I'll love the 2nd

Although I'm not sure how much I like the "clearly stating what each dialogue option means" approach. I think I prefer to have to figure it out for myself and choose from it them.

Of course this is just a minor quibble, regardless I can't freaking wait for DA2.

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The story is too old to be commented.