Out of the Kinect-Box

Microsoft's Kinect has the potential to add to existing gameplay experiences, but it's a shame the potential is all being used on games aimed at nongamers. Nothing's wrong about this, of course – more people playing games is a good thing no matter what – but Bitmob can't help but think there's so much more that can be explored.

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PSfan093083d ago

if mircrosoft shows me the games, i will buy. These games are not worth my time let alone my hard-earn cash. Same goes to sony with move, these need to be more than a gimmick or else the wii has already check and mate.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3083d ago

Out of the kinect-box..


Back in the kinect-box


Go get your refund.

Spenok3082d ago

No need to refund, i never bought one...

N4GAddict3083d ago

Yeash, they need to show Kinect with hardcore games.

MNicholas3083d ago

Motion capture performance

360 Kinect: 320 x 240 x 30fps

PS2 Eyetoy: 320 x 240 x 60fps

Folezicle3083d ago

I praise a fan-boy, for understanding that both companies aren't perfect, and not assuming that heir company will release something soo much better than the other..

If microsoft showed more stuff like Milo, I would be interested, since that showed off new technology, that hadn't been done before.. But i'm sorry to say this but Kinect does seem to lack inspiration (excluding Child of Eden), but I think the Move does too, since all it is doing is making Wii games in HD, and better (SOSCOM has been done before with the Wii.) Seriously If both companies made game like Child of Eden or Milo than I think I would be more convinced

PLAYstar3083d ago

Your comment sound really sarcastic for once. Saying the MOVE games are a recreation of Wii in HD is pure stupidity. It's like saying Halo is just another fps with aliens mob, or Mario became a Driving, Action, Role Playing, Sports, Sex... Since it's supposed to be Originality a Platform game. You tell me which exact game on the Wii looks like Sorcery or Eyepet? EOJ?

Let's not forget even recent E3 Zelda demo shows that the Wii motion control simply lacks calibration! How about the 3DS? A remake of last gen game in 3D. <,< yea that what it must be...

Sorcery doesn't appeal much to you, but Milo does? You seriously got a bad taste of games don't you. I couldn't even considered Milo as a game, its more like a pedophile simulator.

Folezicle3083d ago

I never said that the move has no potential to create something new, but honestly crappier versions of all the games have been made on the Wii.. Nor does Milo actually appeal to me (as in go out an d buy the game), it is more the technology.. It's not sarcasm ever, It's the truth every fan-boy believes their console has no flaws.. Sorcery was a gam e I did forget to mention.. What I'm trying to get at, is Move is a great accessory, yet a lot of the games are a wii game with a mature and HD twist to it... Both Kinect and Move lack in different gameplay.. Kinect has games that remind me of the eye-toy, and Move has games that remind me of the Wii..

I guess I should of rephrased my comment and said "Seriously If both companies used more of their unique technology to make new games (Such as Child of Eden or Milo on Kinect, and Sorcer or EyePet on the Move)Than I think I would be more convinced in getting motion control..

Also a majority of Move and Kinect games have been done before... With both of them I am more looking forward to seeing new stuff

krisprolls3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

No, PS Move delivers where Kinect doesn't, so please don't mix them.

Games like Socom, Killzone 3, LBP2, Ruse are HD games which support Move, there's nothing like that on Wii.

hoops3083d ago

Wii has already won this generation check and mate. This is why Sony and MS are bringing out these motion controls to see if they can take some of those consumers away from Nintendo. Kentic is ESPECIALLY geared towars the Wii crowd. MS does not hide this fact at all. Its going to sell by the boat loads but the games are going to suck ass

krisprolls3083d ago

PS Move games on the other hand rock, unlike Wii games

Socom and Killzone 3 >>> Kinectimals

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N4GAddict3083d ago

It will have a hard time selling at $150

kissmeimgreek3083d ago

They should sell it for a loss at about $125. I feel like that would be the sweet spot (and mot realistically possible one) to help make kinect a success.

MNicholas3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

It has one cheap-ass CMOS sensor for the video and an even more cheap-ass CMOS sensor for the depth.

These things cost almost nothing to make. These are the same sensors you get in those $5 key-chain digital cameras.

The only reason I put $15 as the top end is because the details regarding audio pickup are sketchy and it's possible that it's got more microphones and some custom shaping associated with that to better isolate sources.

Triella3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

According to Gesturetek, which licenced the motion recognition software to MS 3D depth sensing cameras are expensive i.e high end products like the Swiss Ranger SR4000 from Mesa Imaging (using the very accurate time-of-flight distance measurement principle) costs around $9'000.-

Gesturetek uses mid-range cameras ~ $1'500 while MS is using PrimeSens RGB-D cams (see diagram below), their basic cam (without microphones or color cam) costs about $20 to $30 to produce, add the microphone, the color cam and the licencing for softwares like the full body motion reconition software, the motion navigation interface or the face recognition software and other expenses and you get a 70$ - 80$ cam but with way less accurate and responsive feedback (rough movements tracking instead of more subtle finger tracking, latency and recognition problems in low-light or varying light conditions).

Expect MS to sell it at 99.99$ to maximize profit.

MNicholas3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

We know the specs.

It uses a 320x240 CMOS for depth with a simple plastic color filter that blocks non-IR light.

This is dirt cheap stuff and anyone can recreate this with any cheap webcam. Just check youtube for a billion DIY guides.

Folezicle3083d ago

I can't be bothered finding the total cost for move but it ends up more..

Basically for 2 players with moth you require the camera, 4 controllers and 2 navigation controller .. Which ends up being more than Kinect which only requires one camera two play with two people, and doesn't require seperate add ons for certain games.. Regardless for me the move would be better value, as there are a lot more exciting games

Inside_out3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

M$ will sell evey Kinect bundle they can put together. Why does the so called hard core want to play kinect??? They are not interested in motion controls. It is at this point a device designed for the casual gaming market. Every kid in the world will want to play Kinectanimals, Kinectsports and Kinectadventures. M$ will have a smash hit on it's hands. The hard core 360 gamer will be well feed this holiday with Halo reach, Fable 3, MOH, Crysis, and COD black ops.

BTW...these articles are Fanboy articles.The bundle will be $299 with one game. Sony's bundle is $399. Who will pay $100 more PLUS have to pay another $100 for a second controller...C'mon now, M$ is destined to have a record breaking holiday sales bonanza...well done M$.

tiamat53083d ago

You don't need 4 Move controllers for 4 player or two navs for two player. One camera, two Move controllers if you want to play two player. Also I believe that the Kinect could have done with another year of fine tuning before they put it on the market . They still haven't seemed to have worked out all of the bugs or problems with it and their begining line up of games is a joke. But as per usual they will use people as guinea pigs to test it out and if it breaks, malfunctions or has errors they will say 'we didn't know that would happen. We'll fix it.'The Kinect is based on half truths, empty promises and potential that may or not exist in the future or any time soon

matt2473083d ago

what do you expect with only a year to develop a game?

3083d ago
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