Game Informer Review Scores and E3 Grades

The latest Game Informer review scores include Dragon Quest IX, MGS: Peace Walker, and Crackdown 2.

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Queasy2906d ago

Yeah, B- at best. Sony's seemed to drag for a long bit and then they had some boom boom boom surprise announcements that saved them.

rockleex2906d ago

Apparently Transformers is a better game than MGS Peace Walker or Dragon Quest. O_o

Transformers War for Cybertron: 8.5 (SO: 8.75)
Toy Story 3: 8 (SO: 8)
Singularity: 8.5
NCAA Football 11: 9 (SO: 8.75) (co-GOTM)
Lego Harry Potter: 7.25
Limbo: 9 (co-GOTM)
Crackdown 2: 7.25 (SO: 7)
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker: 8
Dragon Quest IX: 8

logikil2905d ago

Haven't played any of the games in the list yet, though am getting crackdown 2 hopefully soon here. However, as to the E3 grades, I think that they nailed the scores. Nintendo definitely won of the 3, and the other two fell in line as they should have. Well done Game Informer.

Myst2906d ago

Nintendo most certainly deserves their score. A new Golden sun put a bright smile on my face.

My friend is enjoying Crackdown 2 she seems addicted to it, I may have to rent it to see for myself later on.

DelbertGrady2906d ago

GameInformer is one of few sources I respect when it comes to reviews. I might have to check out Singularity. I chose between Crackdown 2 and Singularity but went with CD 2 because I loved the first one so much. Singularity looks to be a really good and original FPS.

ghostgaming2905d ago

Agree with most of this. Crackdown, i played it, thankfully i didnt have to pay for it - its ok - around a 7 is fair, kinda disappointing though.

Singularity - i own it - enjoy it, the 8 ballpark is correct in my opinion.

In terms of E3 - my opinion, they got it right.
Nintendo was best, minus the Zelda demo which was a wreck
PS was second - great show, some blockbusters, but it was too long and too much talk (especially the first half)
MS was last - first half was solid and maybe a B, but once Kinect was shown and the games were underwhelming for it, show lost momentum and became dull.