We want gameplay, not graphics

Every year, there is that game that gamers use as a graphic benchmark. There was Crysis, Uncharted…The list goes on.

I think its time for developers to realize that graphics isn’t everything. Look at Counter Strike, before the graphics update, it wasn’t the prettiest of games, but people played it for the mod support and especially for the gameplay.

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Donny2600d ago

and you get both with uncharted 2.

halojunkie2600d ago

dont forget gran turismo 5.. (. ) (. ) cant wait for it! goty!

T9X692600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

GT5 is not going to win GOTY, nor will any racing game for that matter.

EDIT: Sure it does offer a lot but racing games are just not the genre for GOTY. There's to many great games coming out and that are already out that will overshadow GT5 for GOTY. I believe GOTY will end up either being, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, or Little Big Planet 2. As much as I love ME2, and RDR, I think LBP2 will take the crown this year, the game just offers so much that no other game can match and its pretty amazing.

hahaha thanks, I love Modnation Racers its a very addicting game. Especially with the creation system :)

RosoTron362600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

You never know man. GT5 offers so much content and features. The quality is definitely there, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a contender.

On a side note: I've seen some of your work in modnation, good stuff man!

Edit: Welcome, good details on cars in Modnation. And I agree LBP2 may win GOTY. If you have a game with such creativity, hell it can probably recreate games you just mentioned in some shape or form. Then yes, it definitely deserves all the glory.

rockleex2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Why is the Western media so much more focused on the HD consoles rather than the Wii, DS, and PSP?

Truth is, we want BOTH.

And we GET both on the PS3. Some are satisfied with the 360's graphics, but me I personally prefer the PS3's level of graphics.

Crysis was rightfully mentioned in the article, but to say the Uncharted series lack in gameplay is just a straight up lie.

FURY__UNLEASHED2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Love how Donny got 10 disagrees for stating Uncharted had great gameplay and graphics. Obvious those 10 people are blind 360 fanboys who never even played Uncharted 2.

I guess they came here because they're already bored of Crackdown 2, which is lacking in both categories.

EDIT: Just got this PM from T9X69:

"I disagreed with him because Uncharted 2 gameplay is very generic and gets stale very quickly. No I'm not a "Xbox 360 Fanboy", check my PSN if you don't believe me, the game just wasn't that fun. "

Uncharted 2's gameplay is generic and stale? GTFO!

rockleex2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

The pacing.
The dialogue that moves the story WHILE you play.
The transition between gameplay and cutscenes.
Shooting at enemies while the building you're in collapses and having to time your jump into the next building.
Doing platforming sections while a helicopter comes out of nowhere and starts shooting at you.
And many more unique set pieces.

The reason why Uncharted 2 was praised all around was because it never let any section of gameplay get stale. There's ALWAYS something that comes up and switches the direction of the gameplay into something totally different.

evrfighter2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

"Every year, there is that game that gamers use as a graphic benchmark. There was Crysis, Uncharted…The list goes on. "


It's always just been Crysis.

When a new game gets released and wants to generate cheap hype. console fanboys still pick Crysis to compare it to...

Crysis was a decent game but that's it. The faster these console fanboys get over this graphics kick their on (I honestly don't even understand it as console games are low-res jaggy messes) then we can finally start next-gen.

ColdFire2600d ago

Hahahaha at disagree's that the benchmark is still crysis :P

sikbeta2599d ago

@SonySoldiers = GreenR = 150 other accounts

What's that Obsession with Tobey Maguire? Hmmm... don't tell me!

What's this? they don't want "only graphics" and there is a Picture of UC2?

Uncharted 2 is a Beast, it have Everything, from Graphics and Gameplay, all the Games are this Way, stop complaining for no reason...

gaffyh2599d ago

@1.1.5 - Please don't cry, you're making a scene.

On topic - I agree with the article, but Uncharted 2 has amazing graphics and amazing gameplay. I'd say something like inFAMOUS had amazing gameplay but was a little lackluster in the graphics department, but still it's my favourite game this gen. Can't wait for inFAMOUS 2, looks like it will be the complete package just like Uncharted 2 was.

N4g_null2599d ago

To the ps3 fans is there such a thing as an uncharted's speed run? Is it possible to play uncharted better than other players? Does any one play uncharted to keep getting better. If you beat uncharted do you really feel like your a better gamer by the end.

Or do you feel like you just survived just to see the story? In games that are based on game play there is no such thing as a spoiler.

What Sony has is games that want to be movies rather game that can be played for years to come as if you play a great game of poker or chess.

This is why you guys can't under stand Mario 5 players and skill based fps players. If you grew up during the ps years then you have no idea what gaming use to be any the wonder and skill involved.

I think kojimas problem actualy stems from games being made into movies rather than games. Hardcore gamers a devs warned them of this and what they don't understand the hardcore gamers of the past are the same ones how tackle z brush and scripting and every up date with a smile.

I think the industry is lacking these gamers and developers simply because they are hiring poeple that could not stand battle toads or quake 3 and really want to make 2012 the game.

Devs are not done coming up with new game play but it's harder to fight for new things when the gamers want scripted events instead of challeng. Uncharted has some great diehard moments but all in all that chopper should really kick your azz lol that close. Try play any old school game from treasure or even the new sin and pun and you will see why uncharted does not have true game play just hints at it.

I guess it's more about coolness than challeng which puts it in fad territory.

gaffyh2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

@above - Yes, it's called Platinum trophy. And if you think it's THAT easy, it's not. Lazarevic is a bastard on hard mode.

If you want a game with a real challenge, play Demon's Souls, there'e NOTHING like that on any other system this gen.

inveni02599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

I agree that no racing game will ever overshadow the Heavy Rains, God of Wars, Red Dead Redemptions of this year. Shoot, even a game like LBP2 stands little chance against the stronger story-based games.

EDIT: Oh, and Mass Effect 2 was this year, too.

Heisenberg2599d ago

Speak for yourself, visuals are a huge part of gaming, and it actually does very much effect gameplay. It's not one or the other, BOTH are required in this day and age.

webeblazing2599d ago

huh? what this gameplay you want some new gameplay element if so me to cause everything has been the same since 10 yrs. or you saying you want good fun gameplay cause me to lol. i can play a fun game and i cant play a games that just have graphics. now the games i buy is a different story i buy addictive games and a game with an complete package = gfx, gameplay, story, fun. people dont get free games like these websites that review these game so for the normal gamer you gotta work for this dollar if not rent

nickjkl2599d ago

idk would i rather have

tetris or a graphically superior game

AmazingBrian2599d ago

Even though it has been a long time in the making, they didn't even put cockpit view on all of the games cars. It's not going to win GoTY.

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SupeerSteebbi2600d ago

I wan't my game to look beautiful and have amazing gameplay like Uncharted 2.

HolyOrangeCows2600d ago

I hate the media and jealous fanboys who talk like you can't have both.

Imperator2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Well, you can both on PS3, but on 360 it's mostly just gameplay. and personally, I think both things matter. It's 60/40 (gameplay/graphics)

N4g_null2599d ago

It's not hate maybe it's experience. Uncharted is cool but do you play it every day after you beat it? Is uncharted an addictive game.

When people come over do people yell give me the controller let me show you how this is done? Nope every one will watch and if you die no one will care and every one will say wow that's cool.

Yet from Mario to arcade shooters to brawlers people would folk to play them. Gaming has lots this.

It's been replace with fanboy fights. Oh you guys are just hating. Yet I have to ask you guys howuch you replay some of these games and what about how you play will make some one else want to play?

No one cares about exclusives guys they care about game play. Is it engaging. Or the gamers just pressing button to turn a pages in a short story you really wouldn't have read?

Uncharted has the excitement yet it has no addictive game play hooks.

Myze2599d ago


Maybe read some comments from UC2 articles (or try actually playing the game yourself if you haven't). I've lost count of how many times I've seen people saying, along the lines of "Yeah, I wanted to start playing it again right after I beat it" or "I got the platinum trophy but still play it all the time."

Just because maybe YOU don't think the game has the made-up quality of old arcade shooters/brawlers (which, btw, they quit making because no one cares about them anymore, as they were popular because console games were nowhere close to as big as they are now), does not mean that everyone (or even a lot of people) agrees.

Gr812599d ago

Good gameplay lasts forever, good graphics last until something prettier comes along lol.

A game like Super Metroid, to this day is played with speed runs and the like. Donkey Kong etc. You actually see people playing NSMB Wii or Mario 5 (Malstrom lol)this way. Who plays GTAIV any more? Who plays Uncharted 1 since U2 came out?

I do think one of the problems with this industry is that it is not being true to its identity. Gaming is different than movies in that gaming is interactive.

Ask the average gamer, they don't know about shaders and the rest, and if they do, they largely don't care. I've never had a gamer ask me about a game and say, "how's it look? does it have bloom?" lol.

But I've had people ask "how is that game? is it fun?"

People growing up on the PS era, largely missed out on the arcade era. Its a shame too. People knock the Wii for soccermoms playing it, but before they were soccermoms, they were caders lol. Everyone went to arcades back then.

Many of the games today wouldn't have gotten a second look at the arcades because, there is too much dialogue and not enough action. At least not skill based action. Scripted events. That's why I'm not feeling this gen of interactive movies.

Not my shtick.

Heisenberg2599d ago

You speak as if you're speaking for everyone, and what you're saying is true... Which it is not. Nice try TELLING people how they feel about U2, but you're wrong.

DigitalRaptor2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

and the better the graphics look, the sweeter that gameplay will seem.

Gameplay and graphics go hand in hand. Gameplay is more important, but not so much that it can exist alone.

mrcash2599d ago

uncharted 2 gameplay was decent but not amazing, it was all the pieces together that made it an amazing game over all. "Amazing game"

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PSfan092600d ago

that picture of uncharted better not indicate anything toward the topic

MariaHelFutura2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Both matter and merge to become an amazing expierence. One important part that alot of games miss IMO is presentation. The presentation can make a huge difference. Games that have great presentation and sets them apart from other titles of the same genre are....Gran Turismo, Team Ico games, Uncharted2, Mario64, Sly Cooper, GOW3 and LBP to name a few, LBP for example IMO is the best tutorial ever made in terms of presentation, the music fits it perfectly and Steven Fry`s voice sets the tone and helps create the "feeling", its perfect. High production value and almost perfect presentation is present in all these games and make them that much better IMO.

Joule2600d ago

sums up just about most ps3 exclusives.

Sarcasm2600d ago

and Killzone 2...
and Killzone 3...
and LBP2...
and The Last Guardian...
and c.etc.etc.

ChronoJoe2600d ago

LBP isn't exactly pushing any graphical boundaries. lol

Maybe if the topic was 'we want good gameplay, not physics'