Crackdown 2 Deserves What It Gets

Open world games don't get credit for being "truly" open world games for their own sake. It's what one does with the genre that matters. If the gameplay that takes place within that open world lacks a story, is repetitive, and is therefore un-engaging and dull, then the genre it represents ceases to matter. Games like Crackdown 2 with its un-inventiveness are the sorts of games that contribute to making the open-world genre feel tired and played-out.

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Moonboots2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

I agree with everything this article says about Crackdown 2 being a clone.

However, I completely disagree with saying that Crackdown 1 was not a great game. It was a fantastic game when it released and it is still a hell of a lot of fun to play to this day. It was one of the first open world games to do co-op right and the super hero, orb hunting, stunts was fresh and new and was a sleeper hit for many. Not to mention the excellent support and some of the best early DLC we saw on consoles and a good chunk of it they gave away for free.

But CD2 feels more like an expansion then a true sequel. People want some familiarity from the first game but not a straight clone.

Folezicle2906d ago

Crackdown 1 was a great game, and a lot uniquer than the typical clone.. An article a while back Ruffian said that, they wanted to make a complete new city, yet they had less than a year to make Crackdown 2 (Deadline by Microsoft), so they couldn't make want they wanted.. However they have stated Crackdown 3 will be new.. The orbs, are the thing that is soo addictive to this game

prettyboy12906d ago

after 2 dude i jus dont think thiers goin be a 3,but i could be wrong

CrzyFooL2906d ago

I agree. I played the demo of this game for 5 minutes and immediately quit and deleted it. So effing boring and just NOT FUN.

hoops2906d ago

The problem with Crack Down 2 is its the very same as Crack Down 1. They never went to the trouble to make it different.

Why o why2905d ago

would suffice.
The fun may be just as great but why release it at full price and call it a sequel...Its obviously dlc imo.

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