Growing Concern Over 3D Gaming

Ex: This isn't the first time in our brief gaming history that 3D realms have come into play. Remember the not too distant past when virtual reality was the next step we were going to take in gaming? What ever happened to it? Why did the whole idea of a virtual reality suddenly up and vanish? Turns out that Sega had been working on a VR set that would plug directly into their console, but fearing customer lawsuits over the health risks involved, dumped the project all together.

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CrAppleton2748d ago

crazy to think that 3d games can harm kids this way. I know my kids won't be playing a 3DS or going to any 3D movies any time soon

Neco5122748d ago

Glad I don't have kids right now. These are scary times! Too many things are changing right now. Give it another 3 or 4 years and we'll know more about this technology

cliffbo2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

articles like this are just plain stupid they have been testing this 3d tech foe over ten years so i`m sure it works.
and as for lawsuits there will always be some greedy types that try to get free money by claiming falsely. besides nobody complains about cinema 3d do they? and that has the same tech as tv they just use polarised glasses as they are cheaper although not as effective.

Ju2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

"Glad I don't have kids right now"

If you think that way, its best to not have kids at all. The fear mongers amongst us have already succeeded it seams. There is, was and will never be a perfect time to have kids. What will it be tomorrow then, huh ?

3D is just fine. Like with all new tech, research should be done on the health impact of those gadgets/technology.

And like with every technology comes the panic it'll harm people.

Those were the steam engines before, computers, robots, cell phones and now it's 3D visuals. Some people will always go into panic mode and put technology into a society threading corner.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Technology used properly is what we want to do.

I have watched 3D movies before, I have played the 3D demos the other day. My girlfriend can't play or watch those too much. She's getting dizzy. For me it has no impact what so ever. I have no problems to re-adjust to the real world after taking off the glasses. One cannot simple generalize the effect it will have on people. If you feel dizzy simply don't do it. Most of us are grown ups and we should be able to make our own decisions. A warning is maybe justified, but panic is not.

MariaHelFutura2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

One way or another they`ll get into your head to complete the Hivemind. 3D will be a great start, I`m looking forward to it.

Yardie2748d ago

This reminds me of when microwaves were introduced.

absolutecarnage2748d ago

and now later down the road were finding out that microwaves are bad for you

radzy2747d ago

who said microwave food is good for you ???
most of the nutrition of the food that is microwaved is gone.

Ju2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

And yet it doesn't make you sick - unless you hold your head in there somehow. Like the same way you burn your hand in the fire. The world is not black and white.

absolutecarnage2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Actually when Microwaves came out, they told everybody that they were totally a safe and fast way to cook food. Now Down the road their finding that not only does it take away the nutrition out of the food it actually changes the molocules of the food, putting in a types of good stuff for your body. Man I cringe when i hear people cooking meat in the microwave GROSS


Just because you don't get sick right away, doesn't mean it can't get you sick. I would like some more info on the 3d gaming in use with longer useage. Like a couple hours ok, but what about the people who play for a lot longer 3 /4 hours even longer a day

Remember you only have two eyes

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Mista T2748d ago

you know there will be an option to turn off the 3d

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DaRockSays2748d ago

Funny pic! I can't imagine having that eye disease. That would suck not having any depth perception!

Queasy2748d ago

Sweet Mary....that pic. Blech.

CrAppleton2748d ago

LOL what? This dudes been all over TV.. and it fits the article.

xDaRkModEx2748d ago

Fuck 3D, i want holograms! Now wouldn't that be amazing. :D

Non_sequitur2748d ago

I've read that article a while ago, and still no credible medical journal of optometry has been cited. Those journals contain all current research going on, and are the authority on these matters not Audioholics or examiner. com. Take this issue lightly until a credible study has been publish by the proper academic journals.

DaRockSays2748d ago

Agreed, but noone here is saying that this WILL hurt you. It's saying that there is reason for concern. And ONLY concern at this point.

Non_sequitur2748d ago

Your source is credible. It features an Australian expert who is a professor at a university.

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