Big Download: Singularity Review

Although time manipulation make for entertaining effects, and the endings are very clever, there's no getting around the fact that Singularity is little more than a straight action shooter. It's a worthy distraction for those who are getting a little tired of military shooters, and the story is decent enough. However, this isn't a game that screams to be played, and people probably would not miss it if it were lost to time.

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BeOneWithTheGun3076d ago

Bioshock with Ivan. The Unreal 3 engine is seriously outdated. Nuff said.

REDGUM3076d ago

I'm still playing this game. its not the best game by far but i must say, i'm enjoying it. Scares, wierd noises, WITH GUNS usually gets me entertained i.e FEAR. Had dead space been a 1st person shooter then i would have been hooked on that game for sure. just can't get my head around 3rd person view.