Crash of the Titans Hands-on

Once upon a time, before he was forced to one side by Ms. Croft's heaving bosom, there was talk that Crash Bandicoot was to be the mascot of the first PlayStation console. After a decent start, with three fantastic 3D platformers developed by Naughty Dog, Crash retreated into his dark years, and since has never really emerged to anything like the critical acclaim he was once used to.

Radical Entertainment, the development team behind Clash of the Titans, have so far produced the third Crash kart racer Crash Tag Team Racing, and a substandard mini-games compilation on the DS in the form of Crash Boom Bang, meaning Titans is their first traditional Crash game.

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Dlacy13g3790d ago

Then I saw the trailer...Man was I disappointed. It will look fine for the PS2 and Wii...but boy its a let down for a 360 title graphically. I mean seriously looked last gen.

MACHone3790d ago

Did someone say heaving bosom?


It's just another Crash game.


Rhezin3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

it's still a crash bandicoot game, I didn't play it for the graphics I played it for the gameplay, which was always dead on and fun.

Ares843790d ago

It's just another bad Crash game!
too bad how Crash games are today...I still like the original Trilogy on the Playstation!

MrWegman3790d ago

"meh" is that what you kids are saying these days???

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