Phil Harrison talks third party support, PS3's post-launch lull, NCsoft deal and Home

Sony's head of worldwide studios talks third party support, Playstation 3's post-launch lull, the potential of that NCsoft deal and the importance of Home this Christmas. Stuart Dinsey reports…

Given what we saw at E3, is third–party support becoming the key battleground for next-gen formats?

Development and support for a format is very important yes, and the story is very different these days to how it was with older formats. In the past you could pay a million dollars for a PS2 game and get a $50,000 Xbox port thrown in. Those days are gone. Developers have to pick their formats much more carefully.

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Violater3917d ago

no mention of lair, guess its no longer high priority.

Charlie26883917d ago

Is it me or did I read this a couple weeks ago?

Figboy3917d ago

i could have sworn i read this interview right after E3.

old news, i guess.