++Good Games Podcast has surpassed 17,000 downloads!

First it was 6000 then it was 14,000 and now we are talking about 17,000 downloads! Thank you all on N4G for spreading the word to our fellow gamers, friends and family. Seriously, this was a number I had thought was three months out for the podcast! Thank you all for your kindness, feedback and support.

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Anon73492905d ago

Are you guys gonna post an article for every one thousand? I sure as hell you guys don't go big.

DoublePlusGoodGames2902d ago

To Briefcase Joe: I completely agree with your "Who" comment as we aren't at all established yet. We are ex-Game Crazy store/corporate employees that are trying to stick together after the stores went into liquidation in May. We are trying to get the podcast out to the community so that some of the team can get some visibility and can eventually land jobs.

To Anon7349: I promise not to cloud up N4G with these 'milestone posts' going forward. Instead I will just let people know when a new podcast is ready for download.

Thank you for taking the time out to send us comments. It's good to know that there are 6 people out there who have seen us on N4G.

- Neal