US Version of Trine Finally Gets Patched

When first released Trine looked pretty rough. There was default trophy art and no XMB splash image. Well after 10 months it looks like the US finally gets the patch which adds the updated art plus some optimizations. The EU version of the game also got an update this week that adds some more bug fixes.

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Hellsvacancy2903d ago

I FINALLY Plated Trine last week, ive had the game since launch (EU version) but give up on the Better Than The Developers trophy, went back to it and 50 tries later i beat it *bling, Platinum trophy earned*

Fab game, cant wait 4 Trine 2

BiggCMan2903d ago

trines got a platinum?? i thought all psn games didnt have platinums. sweet. i played the demo like a year ago or somethin, it was pretty cool, id like to buy it sometime.

kassatsu2903d ago

Certain PSN games have platinums. Anarchy: Rush Hour is another, it is only $7.99 too.

ReservoirDog3162903d ago

Trine's $10 right now too I believe. I highly recommend it. Got the platinum.

ChronoJoe2903d ago

Warhawk, Socom: C, Wipeout HD, Burnout Paradise, Anarchy Rush hour, Trine...

All I can think of.

Only Trine and Burnout Paradise have plats, but you require a USB camera to get one of the trophies on Burnout Paradise.

ChronoJoe2902d ago

How'd I get a disagree, for posting some facts...

Spenok2902d ago

Hell i didnt know that either. Looks like ill have to redownload it. Yay for PSN sharing.

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Jaces2903d ago

Amazing game, can't wait for the 2nd!

Got the "Better than developers" trophy 3rd time 'round :D

Snoogins2902d ago

I didn't experience any problems with Trine, but I'm glad Frozenbyte delivered a patch. I was hoping it included the DLC and 3D patch, but maybe we'll still get it eventually.

GigaGaia2902d ago

I found the game pretty easy even without a patch.