The Best Games Of 2010... So Far "I'll cut straight to the chase on this one, 2010 has had some phenomenal games. Most years start out a little slow and then wind up into a big bang, but honestly it's hard to imagine anything better around the corner aside from a few releases here or there. "

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Hardedge2876d ago

Yup definitely a good year for games :) Let's hope the momentum carries on through 2011 as well!

PSfan092876d ago

yes. with titles like twisted metal, infamous 2, killzone 3, gears 3, to name a few, 2011 will be awesome

Spenok2876d ago

2011 is looking to be epic for sure.

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Selyah2876d ago

Pretty concise list, though it seems i'm really bad for not getting Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet.

mephman2876d ago

Well, not everyone has unlimited money resources.

Merivigian2876d ago

You and me both, I missed the first Mario Galaxy, so I didn't know what I was missing. But now it seems worth the buy, especially since it has supposedly dethroned Ocarina of Time from the highest scoring reviewed game.

Megaton2876d ago

I still haven't played the original SMG either, but it's not for lack of interest. I dunno anyone who owns a Wii, and I'm not exactly itching to buy one. Some day I'll play it. Some day...

Sanrin2876d ago

is going to kick ass. Cant wait for the second half!

KonohagakureFC2876d ago

definately know what you mean

Coramoor_2876d ago

Great list, every game i've played on it, i can agree with completely

2876d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.