Second free DLC batch released for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

The second batch of free DLC is now available for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

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George Sears2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Sweet. Haven't really tried to add voices to my Metal Gear but I would try adding Chrysalis since it's effing awesome.

rockleex2907d ago

The one that plays in the background while Dr Strangelove asked The Boss some questions.

ThanatosDMC2907d ago

Which part was that... the before the fight with Chrysallis? The electrocution scene was effing amazing!

rockleex2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

The tape is titled "Between Two Women".

As their conversation goes on, you start to hear a song play in the background.

Btw, if you didn't know by now. Kojima is...

Neo Nugget2907d ago

Second? Where was the first? :o

2906d ago
M4I0N32906d ago

anyone made love to paz yet?

Spenok2906d ago

Keep the love coming for this one Kojima. Keep it coming.