Mankind Will Be Replaced via PSP

Ex: The story begins with Zero (the protagonist) making his living as an independent contractor. One day he is investigating a certain site. It is there that he finds a mysterious stone infused with a powerful magic known as the Core Elemental. As he takes on more and more jobs to investigate other locations, he discovers more and more Core Elemental stones. On his travels, he begins to encounter the Human Genomes, new creatures created by God to replace mankind.

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tunaks12783d ago

I had to read the title twice

Neco5122783d ago

lol, me too. I thought we were all going to be destroyed by PSPs lol. Ghost in the machine style

CrAppleton2783d ago

Glad to see a good RPG making its way to the PSP

Spenok2782d ago

There are plenty of good rpg's on the PSP.

DaRockSays2783d ago

is this going to be available in physical media as well or DL only?

Godmars2902783d ago

1) Where can I find some screen shots?

2) Stupid for asking but: why can't we get more JRPGs like this on the PS3 through DDL...that aren't overpriced because there is a physical media counterpart on another system...

CrAppleton2783d ago

Waiting for screens now, check back in a bit. I'll try to have them up ASAP

N4GAddict2783d ago

Sony should let you play PSP games directly on the PS3.

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