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Community2935d ago
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xHarvey2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Let the man do what ever he wants. Sure I feel bad for Cleveland but get over it, he wants to win. The Cavs didn't surround him with the players needed to win. They whiffed on signing Amar'e because they didn't want to give up J.J. Hickson. He's said plenty of times before "The NBA is a business". He wants to win now and in the future. The Miami Heat are the best choice for winning with the Chicago Bulls a close second.

Shang-Long2935d ago

whats gonna be interesting is next summer. my fav player c melo is a free agent and so is t.parker

amare said they both wanted to come to nyc. if that happens then the heat trio wont look as hot

tinybigman2935d ago

i'm sorry but the knicks are a god horrible team with the worst management team from top to bottom. i would advise any player not to come here. Amare will soon see he made the worst mistake of his life.

Nikkelz2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

tiny big man.....if you didnt know it already,the knicks had an alright squad for the last 2 year (no stars except david lee)and still almost made to the playoffs....and they tanked the last 2 seasons just to try and land lebron,maybe under the old management they sucked but under walsh and d'antoni they been cleaning house and clearing cap for this free agency....they got amare,they got anthony randolph,azubuike(sp),and they landed the best pg in this free agency raymond felton....and you forget we trying to get tony parker and melo already said he gonna come back home to play....kiss my ass with all that hate fam,these here knicks are gonna be a force to recon with especially with felton and amare on that pick and roll.

oh and i almost forgot the sensation from another nation danilo gallinari
peace and game on....hater

Shang-Long2935d ago

tiny i gotta disagree with you. knicks did what they did to try and get lebron. that didnt work but they got someone out of it. and are on a rebuild processes.

im not even a knicks fan im from orlando but im not the only one seeing this. ny has a chance to land tony parker and c.melo with the money the were saving for lebron. so in the end it wasnt a total lost. they could easliy get the 8th seed in the east since there are only 5 teams that will make the players for sure ( orl bos mia chi atl )

stuna12935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

I think it more so how he made the choice! I'm from cleveland and, I feel how he went about doing things was just in bad taste, and an embarrassment to my city.

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spunnups2935d ago

Let the guy live his life. He's not obligated to do anything for anybody, just what's best for him.

tinybigman2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

why the hate? did he harm you in any way? steal money from you? punch you in the gut or something?

or is it just outright jealously?

your right he didn't have to do the whole national thing, but maybe it was done this way because basketballs ratings are dropping and this was some way to beef up interest again in it. your also right about everyone wanting to hate something it's an everyday thing around here lol.

dktxx22935d ago

cleveland fans can be mad. he didn't have to do the national tv thing. everyone else just wants to hate something.

dinkeldinkse2935d ago

I hate Lebron because he is an arrogant, narcistic choad that believes he is so great that he deserves an ESPN special about his decision. And the fact that the choke quit on the Cavaliers against the Celtics.

POS like him that are known as "Superstars" are the reason NBA ratings are dropping. Not only does he disgrace basketball with his self promoting bullshit, he disgraces every other sport in the world. Man, I wish the NBA had real Superstars like Magic and Larry still around.

Btw I am not a Cavalier Fan

tinybigman2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

when are sport stars not like that? all celebrities whether they are sports, music, movies are like that so it's no surprise really. i don't take them seriously because i don't know them personally and they aren't paying my bills and stuff.

@ nikk above
you better hope your right because everyone knows nothing goes right for the knicks and almost doesn't mean shit in sports, and as you know in NYC it's always what have you done for me lately. and the knicks have done shit lately

dinkeldinkse2935d ago

Great point tinybigman. I just hate that he had a special about his decision and is a quitter(Like Manny Ramirez is).

tinybigman2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

you are absolutely correction there should not have been a special for a decision that others make quickly and much more normal than this.

to all those on the knicks side and jumping down my throat i really do hope they turn it around because god knows knicks fans could use a beter team like they had in the mid to late 90s. just remember though you still have to get past the celts. also don't sleep on pat riley you know he'll find a way to get the players that the new trio down in Miami to compete for a title.

iceman062935d ago

It's kinda difficult to remain humble when the media crowns you a "king" before you leave high school and you make more than $90 million before your feet touch an NBA court. The media, the NBA, and partially the fans of the NBA created this monster. That's not an excuse, it's just some understanding.
He is a talented player, no doubt, but I guess the days are gone that you actually have to prove yourself on the court to be crowned the best.

dinkeldinkse2935d ago

Have a bubble.

Tinybigman bubble to you too.

KaBaW2935d ago

Are you saying he hasn't proved himself? That's bull.

STICKzophrenic2934d ago

He really hasn't proven himself.

Sure he's a great player, but he has yet to prove himself as a CHAMPION. His biggest accomplishment is losing the Finals. Congrats on that.

Also, the Cavs did everything they could to surround him with players to win. They signed who was available. It would have been nice if Lebron let them know of his intent to not return so they could try to go after any of these other big name free agents. Instead, he has strung them along the entire time while all the FAs signed elsewhere. They're gonna be in the shitter next year, and probably for the rest of time.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2935d ago

He got a special induction with bosh and wade was there with the mayor.

drdre742935d ago

Traitor? Please nobody in the NBA wants to go to Ohio. Who were they going to get to come in and help him win? Everybody that was a free agent was not trying to go to sorry Ohio. He tried for 7 years and it wasnt going to happen. This was his best chance this year and we see how that turned out. I dont blame him for going somewhere that has tax free money and he can be part of a super triple threat. Nobody wants to be like Charles Barkley or Ewing and play for the same team for years and retire with no ring.

stuna12935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

It may not be much to you, but it's home to me,and countless other.

mugoldeneagle032935d ago

Amare plays zero defense. That's the one thing a lot of people aren't talking about amidst all this Lebron drama. LBJ, Wade and Bosh might almost be better defensively than offensively.

And @ dinkledinkse, it's not like LBJ forced ESPN to do it. You can rip on how cocky LBJ is all you want, but large media outlets GIVE him the opportunity to do this. And you can drop the quotes surrounding Superstar, cause if you honestly think he's not your a fool. The guy, ring or not, elevated the game of basketball since he entered the league, and has another 10 years at least left in him.

Playerz82935d ago

2011 New York Knicks-Amare, Carmelo, and Chris Paul. You heard it here first.

On the subject of Lebron James and the whole debacle, the "Miami Thrice" should have just told us they were going to do this 3 years ago, it was all planned way back at the Olympics and they played everyone in the country. This shows how what power they all have over everyone (especially ESPN).

Lebron should have told Cleveland a long time ago, becuase I don't know how the team and city will recover. I feel really bad for everyone who was controlled by this "superstar", and by telling everyone he's playing with the Heat, it shows he is a FOLLOWER and as of now is not to be in any conversation involving Michael Jordan and to some extent, Kobe Bryant.

MikeGdaGod2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Lebron doesn't owe anyone in Ohio ANYTHING!!! THIS IS A BUSINESS!!!

players get cut and traded everyday...and teams have shown that they'll mistreat even their best players and coaches (Bulls/Jordan/Phil)

Lebron just decided to go on his own and play with his friend...IN MIAMI!!!

please...if anyone had a chance to live in Cleavland or Miami as a's a easy decision. i'm from Chicago and got family in Cleavland and friends in Miami, believe me i know. there's absolutely no comparison.

anyone that disagrees hasn't kicked it in Miami....i'm plugged at Prime 112...holla at me!!!!!

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Blaze9292935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

2K graphics look like they 'finally' improved


@Crazybone - yeah you may be right.

Crazybone1262935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

2K's graphics always look like this. Their obviously pre-rendered shots. The game's graphics only blow you away when you go to instant replay and zoom in. Other than that, they're pretty "meh."

kunark2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

idk what yall been playing i have nba live10 and nba 2k10 and 2k 10 plays and looks better hands down 2k10 is better looking yall playing something looks better let me know

Crazybone1262935d ago

He's not the same number anymore?

skip2mylou2935d ago

23 for heats got retired so he needed a new one

xHarvey2935d ago

He was going to wear number 6 regardless. He made the decision a few months ago because he wants the NBA to retire #23.

Shang-Long2935d ago

not wasnt the reason y tho . he didnt wanna wear 23 cuz of jordan

drdre742935d ago

well #6 is still up in the air. Heat have a #6 already so James will have to pay dude for the number

theEnemy2935d ago

He should have used 25 instead.

24= Kobe, next to Jordan(23)

25 = Next to Kobe.


Playerz82935d ago

Even though he had #6 planned a while ago, Mario Chalmers was #6 and probably would have been thrown off the team if he didn't let Lebron have the number.

Coded-Dude2935d ago

can't wait. i honestly don't think the cavs will get a title before lebron.

cayal2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

LeBron won't get a title. And if he does, "he" didn't get it. He's a coward (and no I am not a Cavs fan).

xHarvey2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Coward ? He was brave enough to leave a team that didn't have the pieces to win in the play offs.

Coded-Dude2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

@ cayal

james and wade may be virtually unstoppable.

iceman062935d ago

The Heat still have a LOT of pieces to put together. We know the starting 5, or at least 3 of them, will be a tough match up. But, championships are maintained by the bench and won by the starters. They gotta get a decent bench squad to keep putting pressure on those deep teams in the east. Plus, we still don't know how well this will work. There have been other "all star" squads thrown together to get a ring that didn't work. I'm not really a LeBron fan, but I gotta love D Wade and I have crazy respect for Chris Bosh. It will be interesting regardless of what happens.

Playerz82935d ago

I am sorry to say that you are totally wrong, and this team will be spoon-fed a title every year ONCE (not this year) they get better pieces together.

But it won't be Lebron's very own ring, it will D-Wade's and until he is BRAVE enough to take a chance and build his own team, he won't be in the same equation as Michael.

I personally believe he should've gone to New York (not a fan though) because they will be in contention in a couple of years.

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DARKrage342935d ago

...Carlos Boozer in a Bulls jersey?!

(All I care about)!

Fruit Loops2935d ago

that's a pretty good trio too

Shang-Long2935d ago

add kyle korver and the rest of the bulls bench

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