The Two Stick Renaissance

If you had told me a couple years ago that the two-stick shooter would be making a revival, I(thrillhouse17) wouldn't have believed you. With developers touting sophisticated enemy AI and hyper-realistic graphics, who would have thought that the most rudimentary style of game play would achieve such popularity? Now, before you yell out "Hey, welcome to 2005, we all know it's back" (Or since you're in internetland, it'll be more like "I p0wn3d n00bs FTW"), I(thrillhouse17) assure you there is a point. In 2005/06 it may have been considered a fad, but now that we're approaching end-2007 and the genre is still going strong, it's save to say that it's here to stay.

Why the sudden revival of a game style that not only has been dormant for nearly a decade, but has little room for innovation? (Innovation, or the lack of, was discussed in this excellent article.) I'll tell you why it's back, and so much fun to play:

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