The Art of Video Game Strategy & Competition: Where is it Now?

PS Unlimited Writes: Remember back in the day, (about 15-20 years ago for those of you that were alive) , when obtaining a strategy guide to your favorite game was a hot commodity? Sure, you may have played MKII till your thumbs bled, but finding out how to create sick combos that you didn't even know existed was a massive benefit to reading one of these.

It feels like mainstream strategy died with the decline of Counter Strike usage, thus ushering a new era of rumor as gossip. (Not including MMORPG’s such as WOW) System loyalties define today’s modern gamer more than ever, rather than a showcasing a gamer’s tenacity and skill. Yes you will still find today’s top gamer on your favorite game’s leaderboards, but the idea of competition has taken quite a casual stance while we’re busy ogling the latest interpretation of pretty graphics.

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ger1013079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I've still got a couple of guides from back in the day (Tomb Raider 1/2/3 combo, RE1/RE2 combo and two RE3 guides just to name a few, lol), but thanks to the 'net, there's no need for them anymore.

It's kind of sad, really. There's no awesome artwork on sites like gamefaqs and whatever else.

There's also the fact that nearly everything FPS related (The author did mention CS after all!) is twitch shooting. Just run, aim/camp, shoot and win. There's no 'skill' in those games at all, so there's no need for guides and whatnot.

EDIT: Just remembered those little guides that came with mags like Games Master and PSM-UK. Goddamn nostalgia!

EDIT 2: Demo discs!