3D TV, 3D YouTube coming to PS3, confirms Sony

"Sony Worldwide Studios head of 3D games Mick Hocking has spilled the beans on the company’s future plans for 3D integration on PlayStation 3.

Chatting during a recent event in London, Hocking divulged that future updates will see Sony’s flagship console gaining access to several new features, including 3D TV and 3D YouTube compatibility."

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DasBunker3083d ago

I dont think ill experience 3D this gen,maybe next one, economy is tough.. most people are just getting HDTVs... hope every next gen game is 3D compatible

ThatCanadianGuy3083d ago

I don't want to wait till next gen to start getting into 3D..

I can't afford it right now tho, bills are coming at me from every direction. but, i would like to buy a 3D TV by mid-2011.I figure the prices should be a bit lower by then.(Hopefully)

I REALLY want to try Killzone 3D.

NYPunkster3083d ago

Get a small 24" that's what I'm doing.

BBAM3083d ago

Good luck, 3DTVs are 40"+

forcefullpower3083d ago

Get your facts straight. How do you think they do 3D on a PC.

All those 3D PC gamers must have 40" tv on there PC's


WhittO3083d ago

Wow they are really pushing 3D!

Seems they are pushing that more than Move.

Could 3D Youtube mean maybe a dedicated App on the way? Or improved web interface for PS3?

darthv723083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

they have a vested interest in the tech from both the hardware development as well as media creation stand points.

Sony is a company that not only makes the tv's and players but also produces movies and tv shows. With their connections in both markets, they have the power to get almost anything done. Just look at bluray vs hddvd (yeah I know, I know)

Do you think they didnt use their influence in the movie biz to get other studios to support it. Not to mention their influence in the hardware biz to get other makers as well? Sony is the best at that sort of thing.

All they need to do is make computer operating software and they would truly be an all inclusive company. From design to mfg to market to the home.

No other company I know of has that kind of clout.

edit: just so people know, I am not digging at blu but simply making a common sense statement.

sikbeta3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Yep, Sony Have Stakes in Every Industry that Can Push 3D to make it Mainstream:

Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sony Pictures Television

I'm all For 3D in everywhere, but the More Important for Me is 3D Gaming + Movies...

garos823083d ago

this is great news.
the more content for 3d tvs to display the more reason to own one.

i have no doubt that sony will provide content to satisfy those who want to see things in the 3rd dimension.

now all that remains is to get a second job...

blackpanther253083d ago

3Dtv for $1400 on amazon....thats what im getting

mugoldeneagle033083d ago

But I will thank 3D TV's for lowering the price of regular HDTV's. I saw a 42in Samsung at Best Buy last week for like $500. Insane how fast prices are dropping. I'll probably pick up a nice 40-50in 1080p next, then go for 3D late next year. Hopefully by then we'll see some newer models w/ better specs

darthv723083d ago that price it may be the one i am thinking of. It would be a 720p plasma PN42B450. It is a 3d tv surprisingly. I have that tv but dont have the glasses kit just yet.

Great colorful picture but the damn glass is so reflective. I will be getting an lcd for the front room and move this one into the game room where i like to game in lower light.

popup3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Within a year it is possible that pretty much every new TV is '3D Ready' and all you need is the 'Transmitter and Glasses pack' to experience it.

That way, a whole new generation of buyers will all have the capability. Either you buy the glasses pack or you don't.

I have already got all the TV's I need for a while but there will be some 32 monitors that work with the PS3 at some point and I may go that way and just sit closer :)

jjohan353083d ago

Can Sony please add NTFS support for external devices? PS3's currently support only FAT32, which makes viewing anything larger than 4GB impossible.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Sony has confirmed 3D music for PS3. Also the manuals for all ps3 games will be 3D with a patch coming soon for manuals already on the market.

EDIT: Twas merely a joke ppl -.-. I'm excited about 3D as much as the next guy. And I would love 3D music.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3083d ago

next time I'll remember to put "/s" at the end. I think this is the first time I've been mistaken for trolling. And ironically I'm a sony fanboy O_O.

Jrome3083d ago

LMAO it's ok, I got the's to the extreme but it's basically what's happening. lol

klado3083d ago

Yeah, troll spotted by himself though, since the fck? surround sound is the 3D sound kid and it is been in the market for a long time.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3083d ago

surround sound isnt 3D sound. Thats just sound coming from multiple directions. I could have 4 tvs on all sides of me, it doesnt mean I'm watching 3D tv.
(Not that Ive tried it....)

jack_burt0n3083d ago


You should try and get a listen to a good DTSMA/PCM 7.1 sound system its as big a leap from SDTV to 1080p compared to dolby and dts its alot better than 90% of cinemas I wish they would hurry up and make a bluray music standard.

NYPunkster3083d ago

This fanboy isht is getting out of hand...they can't even take a joke. lame!

BBAM3083d ago

you are aware of surround sound right?

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T9X693083d ago

Great, now I can get Rick Rolled in 3D.......son of a bitch.

RageAgainstTheMShine3083d ago


but yeah Google TV on PS3 Plus is very welcome in our house

Spenok3082d ago

LMAO! Its definitly a welcome adition though.

thebudgetgamer3083d ago

hopefully we can get google chrome on ps3.

mrv3213083d ago

This is like the story of Bigger Jaws where two people join forces to fight a common enemy ( Microsoft is competition more than a enemy )

Jrome3083d ago

Yeh, sony's making a smart move to work with google. Google is a powerful name.

saint_john_paul_ii3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

so the PS3 is getting a you tube app then? about time. and yea, good to see friendly ties with google.

nunley333083d ago

And with google search on PS3 and now 3d youtube sounding alot like an awesome killer app that will only be available on PS3, Google Chrome is alot more likely than Firefox to replace the browser. I wanna see more teaming up with partners to take on microsoft, Even though they are U.S. and Sony is Japan. But google is U.S. too, so there.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Perhaps PSP2 will have some sort of Android to rival the iPhone.

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