N'Gai talks with Midway about Stranglehold and Hard Boiled

'As mentioned before, the Collector's Edition of Stranglehold on the PS3 will ship with a remastered 1080p version of Hard Boiled on the same disc. While having the first ever HD version of Hard Boiled is a fantastic addition to an already hot looking game, it's easy to overlook the real significance of this addition. No game has ever come packaged with the movie it was based on, let alone putting them both on the same disk. To find out Midway's reasoning behind this precedent setting move - Newsweek's videogame guru N'Gai sat down to chat with Midway's vice-president of marketing, Steve Allison.'

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Eclipticus3950d ago

yep. just bout the only reason i am pondering getting a ps3 righth now.

mmike8553950d ago

I wonder what happened to the Hard Boiled videogame idea. It was tossed around in the mid nineties and I remember reading a little article about it in an ancient Gamepro.

Figboy3950d ago

i guess it morphed into Stranglehold.

now, we get a cool game, that, if it happens to suck, won't besmirch the name of Hard Boiled, like *OTHER movie based games do *cough*Spider-Man*cough*X-Men* cough*TheHulk*cough*Superman*co ugh*Batman*cough* - sorry, i had a lot of crap caught in my throat for a moment.

razer3950d ago

some horrible mentions from a few people on the review builds their playing.. 1up said it was basically like The Matrix.. So this is another rental for me.

Why is this even in the Xbox 360 section? It has nothing to do with the 360 version of the game other than to rub it in that the Blu-ray gets the full movie from Sony fanboy N'Gai. And I believe this is just for the special edition not for the regular retail game.. I could be wrong on that..