Rumor Mill: Lair Delayed

According to EB Games, Lair has been delayed until September 4th from it's previously scheduled August 12th release date. Gamefly has also changed it's release date, but they're showing September 6th (most likely to account for getting enough copies in to rent to customers). Screenshots taken in case they change it back (EB Games above, Gamefly after the jump).


The release date has been confirmed as September 4th by Sony on PlayStation.Blog.

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sonarus3674d ago

WTF. I thought they said it was locked and loaded. Don't tell me they wanna delay jst because of one lousy review. Get serious i wanna get my hands on this game so jst let me have it. It would help if you dropped off that demo you said you would drop.

Marceles3674d ago

Yeah it sounds like they're pulling a Calling All Cars trick and releasing it later from the bad reviews. Well I'm getting a 360 on the 15th for Bioshock, so if it comes out after the 1st I'll have more money to buy Warhawk, Lair, and Heavenly Sword.

socomnick3674d ago

Dude when does bioshock come out I got it pre ordered im just waiting for it to come out.

Dr Pepper3674d ago

@ socomnick

August 21st

i Shank u3674d ago

i hope cause of this delay they make the controls customizable or whatever they need to tune it up; hopefully it will be for making the game better.

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gunnerforlife3674d ago

i think it would be better if they delayed it and added normal controls as well as the six axes motion sensing controls that way it would get better reviews and more games would by it cuz some people r stupid enough too listen too a biased review.

drunkpandas3674d ago

I'm not too sure why they went with just SIXAXIS controls in the first place. It's always better to give the user a choice, so having both SIXAXIS and standard controls is the right way to go.

There's no confirmation this is what's going on with the delay. Since we'd previously heard it went gold, this could also be just for a manufacturing issue.

Maddens Raiders3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Your comment was succinct and right on point. This is what I thought would've been implemented some time ago. I guess J. Eggerbrecht might've thought other wise. I trust these guys - they'll get it right.

Charlie26883674d ago

Agreed, since basically the only "bad" point that is mentioned in some of the early reviews is the SIXAXIS only control

drunk pandas@ they originally had both but they said that wanted to create a unique experience around the SIXAXIS and that they would work till it was perfect, but it looks like not everybody liked the changed even if the reviewers accepted that the controls were very precise

drunkpandas3674d ago

I was thinking that might be the case. It would hard to not develop the game with standard controls for testing purposes. If the base code is already there, it wouldn't take much time at all to add the standard controls to the game. I think that's still and "if" at this point until we hear something official from Sony

okcomputer3674d ago

This analog controls thing might just be wishful thinking. I don't know a damn thing about game development, but I'm guessing it would take a whole lot longer than just two weeks to map out an entirely new control scheme and integrate it into the game.

Lair has had several short delays now and for me that can only point to one thing: a lot of small bugs that the devs keep finding on their final run throughs of the game. I was really looking forward to playing lair, but between all the delays and the egm review I'm going to wait for the demo before buying.

Zhuk3674d ago

so your implying game reviewers intentionally gave Lair a bad score because they're 'biased' but changing the controls will help reviews?

that doesnt make any sense.

crck3674d ago

It never makes sense to limit people's control option and force them to play a certain way when they dont have to. Its one of the reasons I got rid of my DS Lite. I hated the fact that alot of those games forced stupid stylus controls onto the player without offering an alternate control scheme. Especially since I'm left-handed it just left me frustrated alot of the time.

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AnDy FrOm MiAmi3674d ago

lavdrim i completely agree with what you said even though i hate delays this could be for the good of things because atleast they can straight out the controls and make them feel more comfortable i would like good controls to go with those gorgeous graphics.

boi3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

I think they might add in the feature for you to use the sixasis motion sensor function or the analog...but proberly just delay for other reasons

If its for the sixasis then its worth the wait i prove to the reviewer thats Lair is a good game because it seems like the reviewer only dislikes the sixasis motion sensor (which to me is pretty stupid)

MarioFromTexas3674d ago

Alot of people that subscribe to egm haven't received their copy yet, so how did this person is the only one with a copy? I'll wait til the magazine hits the stand, to see for my self

Loudninja3674d ago

Sorry, it stupid to think otherwise

drunkpandas3674d ago

Yes, Sony announced it went gold. However, every major retailer now has changed their release date to September 4th in the US. Games can be delayed after they go gold for many reasons (late bugs discovered, manufacturing issues, publisher wanting to hold the game for a certain date).