Domain registrations offer clues to Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel

A series of Warner Bros domain registrations hint at a sequel, via Superagatory: "...the internet informs me that Arkham Warden Quincy—an original Arkham Asylum character—was running for mayor of Gotham in the first game, so I think it wouldn’t be a leap to assume these registrations are related to the sequel."

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Queasy3082d ago

Really looking forward to what Rocksteady can do with a sequel.

Trollimite3082d ago

if they only made 1 website with 1 name, people would instantly know the name. im sure that other one are decoys to keep us guessing.

Spenok3081d ago

Same here. I'm sure it will be nothing less of superb, just like the first one.

MxShade3082d ago

If multiple domain names belong to WB like that, wonder if they're going to do some fun viral marketing.

I <3 Batman. /fangirl

Queasy3082d ago

Could be an ARG or it could just be misdirection. ARG would be more fun though.

FalconR2893082d ago

I hope that more of the voices from Batman: The Animated Series reprise their roles like Two-Face and Mr. Freeze.

xX TriiCKy Xx3082d ago

The 4 of these intrigue me the most. I'm really looking forward to what batmanstateofvillainy could mean.

cyborg69713082d ago

Can't wait just started my third play through it's such a good game.

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