Painkiller Gets Hollywood Treatment

Guy Walks Into a Bar ("Starship Dave") has decided to go to purgatory, acquiring feature rights to the videogame "Painkiller" from DreamCatcher Interactive.

It's the first time DreamCatcher's sold off feature rights to one of its titles. VP George Chastain told Daily Variety the company opted for making a deal with Guy Walks Into a Bar partly because of the shingle's plans to blend the fast-paced action, the wide array of weaponry and cast of demonic characters in the feature adaptation.

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MK_Red3950d ago

While many people hated it, Original Painkiller was among my favorite games and I still like the game but I was hoping for news of a sequel rather than a movie but as long as Uwe Boll isn't making this film, all is not lost.

NRG3950d ago

I love this game, but good luck trying to make a movie about it without most of it being almost all CGI.