PSP, DS Top 1 Million Each in Japan, Outselling Wii

Data from tracking firm Media Create reveals that both the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP were the only pieces of hardware to break past the million sales mark in Japan year-to-date through June.

The DS sales figures account for all models - the DSi LL, DSi and DS Lite - whereas the PSP sales figures account for both the PSP and PSP Go.

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hatchimatchi3082d ago

Funny that this info comes out only a few days after a flood of "PSP IS DEAD" stories.

fatstarr3082d ago

Take into account that this is japan?
o.o Portables are all the rage there
and the psp has jrpgs that would never touch american soil same with the ds.

the psp is dead pretty much here.

Gr813082d ago

Their outselling Wii?! I wonder what other consoles those hand helds are outselling!?

turok3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

all of them. handhelds usually sell more in japan than consoles.

Gr813082d ago

LoL. I was being sarcastic, as the title seems to imply that the handhelds are only outselling Wii, when in fact they are outselling the PS3 as well. But this 'news' title seems to want to single out the Wii for some reason.