Love and Hate of the Gaming Culture

In his earlier years he was optimistic and hopeful, even enthusiastic about the coming years of gaming. Watching the growth and evolution of great experiences such as Stryder, Phantasy Star, Tecmo Bowl, U.N. Squadron, etc., Shawn used to rally against restrictive video game legislation, making appeal in written letter to members of Congress. There was a profound level of potential within both the industry and the culture but, as time passed he became skeptical and at times loathsome towards the things that have transpired. He finds that for the most part it’s all been mishandled; not by anyone, but everyone.

Shawn found himself falling back to the most basic of questions: Why? Why had he lost hope?

This op-ed piece by Shawn Gordon of elaborates on what he loves and hates about the video game sub-culture and why he'd come so close to losing hope.

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