G4 Review: Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies makes subtle changes to the tried-and-true Japanese role-playing formula. With respect for the classics the new adventure for the Nintendo DS forges into the future, casting aside random battles, introducing multiplayer and giving players more ways to customize the way they play.

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Rucury3078d ago

That's what I'm talking about!! I really enjoy the Dragon Quest Series, Hand of the Heavenly Bride being my current Nintendo DS game of choice.

They seem to have a more intriguing story than most RPGs and I love the "Talk" feature where you can talk to a party member to get their insight into certain things. I love the depth it adds to the characters and to the world in whole. I really hope they included that into this game.

Either way, day one purchase, it comes out on my girlfriend's birthday so I might buy it for her as an excuse to play it myself.

Also, I'm a lousy gift-giver...

Keith Olbermann3078d ago

an adult with a ds is creepy. I know..I know..I'm not a real gamer because I'm worried about what others think of me. right? Seriously, this needs to come to psp. My woman can accept me playing my psp go because it looks like a phone. :)

TheColbertinator3078d ago

Sounds like so much fun to play.

SpoonyRedMage3078d ago

I've heard some places in the US are selling it already!

...and yes lots of fun it seems. Great job Square Enix/Level 5/Armor Project/Bird Studio/Koigi Sugiyama!:P

Valay3078d ago

About to play this game in just a bit!

hatchimatchi3078d ago

Awesome, I love dragon quest. Is this game still turnbased? I hope so.

SpoonyRedMage3078d ago

Yup, it was originally an action RPG but the fans revolted and Square Enix listened for once!

The combat is actually faster though(but you can still take as long as you want).

Bobbykotickrulesz3078d ago

IMO turn based sucks.

A battle system like Tales of Vesperia would be better I think.

neogeo3078d ago

downloading rom now to my dstwo card:)

Neo Nugget3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

You suck.

Planning on buying it when it comes out, or is 35-40 bucks too much for you?

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