Victorious Boxers: Revolution announced for September release on Wii

No sooner had we announced that 10Tcle Games was breathing new life into the Ready 2 Rumble Boxing series on Wii, that another new boxing game based on the punch-heavy sport has been announced for the console. This time it's XSEED Games, whose Victorious Boxers: Revolution will be making its way to the virtual ring at the end of September.

Unlike the aforementioned Ready 2 Rumble which demonstrates an arcade-y approach to the sport, Victorious Boxers: Revolution promises realistic boxing action in an anime style, with intuitive controls that make full use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. XSEED promises that you'll be able to perform jabs, straights, uppercuts and hooks, as well as defensive manoeuvres such as ducks and sways.

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